Saturday, January 26, 2008

Twins Together

Well, the first 48 hours of having both twins at home has been a lot of fun! Yes, mommy and daddy are both tired, but hanging in there. For the most part, Addie and Alex have been very nice to mom and dad. They are on a pretty good schedule, thanks to the NICU. The twins eat every 4 hours and then normally go right back to sleep after 15-20 minutes. Therefore, at night, we are getting around 3 hours sleep in between feedings.
As of late, Alex is eating between 70-90 mL each feeding and Addie is eating between 60-80 mL per feeding. It will not be long before Addie catches up. Just today, I noticed than her outfit had hospital tape on it from just last week when she wore it in the hospital. At that time, we used tape to make the outfit fit her better. She does not need the tape anymore as the outfit is actually a big snug...
On Friday night, Daddy's mom came to visit the twins. Addie and Alex will call her "OMA". This is the german word for grandma. During her visit, she was able to hold both twins. Unfortunately, Addie is not able to be held as much right now due to still having some heart rate drop issues.
Below, you will see some video clips from Friday night when we put Alex and Addie in the same crib. We allow them to have some together time everyday. At night though, they are both sleeping in mommy and daddy's room. Enjoy

Oma holds Addie and Alex for the first time. In this picture, they both look very big!
Alex is definitely longer and heavier than Addie, but it does not appear that way in this photo.

Here is a video clip of Alex and Addie spending time together.
Daddy and I had actually walked out of the room and when we came back in, this
is what we saw... It was amazing!!!!!!! Their hands and arms were together. How cute!

Here is another video of Addie and Alex from Friday night..... Are they cute, or what??????

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