Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Festival

Fall Festival 2009
Whew! I think that we are all beat after a very busy day.
This afternoon, we went to a fall festival with the kids. It was great as they had a special area designated for toddlers. Addie and Alex loved jumping!!!!!!!!
Addie loved the duck pond and Alex liked digging in for treasures in the sand.
We had planned on staying later in the afternoon for trunk or treat. However, the kids were just too tired and I was not going to push them. Looking forward to this event next year!

Feeding the Ducks....

Today was a beautiful fall day here in Huntsville. We spent the day with some friends celebrating the good news that we received this past week. For the past 9 months, daddy has been working part-time. However, we found out this week that he will be starting full-time on the 1st of November. Our friends took us to lunch to celebrate! Then, we all took Addie and Alex to the park to feed the ducks. I am so thankful that they were there to help us chase the kids. There is no way that we could have done it without them! Whew, I am tired just thinking about all the running around we did earlier today. To end the day, we went to a fall festival here in town where Addie and Alex had a blast. Stay tuned for those pics.

Here is Miss Norma. She is our adopted mom here in Huntsville. We met Miss Norma through Addie and Alex's school. The kids LOVE her and we are so glad to have her as part of our family!
Miss Norma and Mr. Tom with Addie and Alex at the park. We should have taken this picture when we first got there as by this time, they were ready to be set free and continue playing!

Told ya, Addie was all over the place! She could have cared less about feeding the ducks. She was all about running the grounds.
Mr. Climber himself. He was so tired from running that he decided that he needed a break!

Funny picture... Why? Well, this was when we first got to the park and the kids were actually holding our hands! After about 2 minutes, they were done with that!

Catching Up....

When we went home to St. Louis a little over a month ago, Daddy went and talked with the first graders at the school where mommy used to teach. He taught them the tornado dance and all about severe weather safety. While he was talking, the kids had a blast playing in another first grade room. They were the hit of the day!

From the start, Addie helped herself and hopped up into this little girls lap and started using her supplies. Does that surprise you?

Candid Shots

Finding time to take pictures these days is still quite difficult.
However, every now and then we are able to grab a few shots.
Keeping Addie and Alex out of all of our decorations has been rather interesting. Addie is in love with the scarecrow bear that you see in the picture below.
But, for the most part, all she does is kiss it :) Christmas will be interesting. I don't know what daddy is thinking as he wants to put up a few trees.

Apple Picking

Another hard part about moving to Huntsville has been not having a place to pick apples.
A few weeks ago, we finally thought that we had found somewhere to take the kids. However, when we got there, we were told that they do not allow you to pick apples from the trees. We were very disappointed. However, we made the most of our trip!
Here are some images from the trip to the apple orchard! Both Addie and Alex LOVE apples!

They had a blast running up and down the orchard! It was hard though to watch them all the time as they were wanting to eat apples off the ground...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trip to see Old Grandma

About a month ago, we made a trip back to St. Louis due to a death in the family.
This trip was jammed packed with appointments, visits, and lost of activities!
Here are some pictures form our trip to Old Grandma's house!
Alex was too busy eating cookies to be in the pictures.

We are so happy to have the barn and the blocks at home with us now to play with.
Old Grandma was so glad to have the kids over!

Daddy's Dream

With living so close to a home town airport, Addie and Alex have come to LOVE airplanes!
We can be sitting in the sunroom, and they will just go crazy watching the planes out the window.
A couple of weekends ago, the airport had a fly in. Daddy had to go and do a story for work and was able to go up in a plane! Mommy stayed very busy chasing us around, but Daddy had a blast! Here is a picture of Daddy before take off!

Visit to Big Spring Park

Addie and Alex love going to the park. We have an awesome park here in town that the kids just love. There are days where you can drive by the park and they will ask to see the ducks. Even from as much as a mile away, they know their route very well! When we visited the park a few weeks ago, here is what we saw next to some shrubs.

Going to the park next time will not be this easy. On this trip, they sat very well in the wagon. Now, they are all about walking!

Fancy Fairy

In August, Addie had a few opportunities to have her picture taken at mommy's work. We do promo shoot pictures to show our clients what sets will look like for our Limited Editions. It is always a nice way to get current pics of the kids :)
Addie made a beautiful fancy fairy. You should have seen her getting her hair fixed and jewels put on her face! Such a big girl now!