Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Big Move!!!!!!!!

Well, tomorrow is the big day for us! We are moving to Alabama. The movers will be here first thing in the morning and we all hope to be on the road around noon time. I will not be able to post pictures to the blog for a few days as we will not have internet. I will be sure to keep everyone posted once our internet is up and running. Take Care!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who is pictured on the left????? Who is below?????
Post your guess in the comment section!!!!!!! I will post the answer later this week :)

To the left: Daddy enjoys holding Addie and Alex on Saturday. We spent lots of time packing this weekened. As you can see, our house is a MESS! The movers come Wednesday night to start loading us up. This time next week, we will be getting settled in Alabama......

Below: Addie says, "Dakota you're sitting in my spot"!!!!!!! " Do I ever get time alone"?

On Friday night, Addie and Alex had fun meeting thier 2nd cousin, Jaden. It was an experience for Jaden as he will have a new little sister this summer!

Well, busy weekend here at the house. Daddy and Mommy spent most of the weekend packing while Addie and Alex enjoyed time with grandma and grandpa. We are almost there! This week will be nuts before the movers arrive Wednesday night.

Monday: lunch with friends

Tuesday: Addie and Alex (more shots) and Alex has physical therapy

Have a great week!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

4 Month Doctors Appointment: Thursday, April 24th

Lots of reporting to do tonight!!!!!
1) Alex spent the whole night in his big boy bed last night. Yea Alex! He went down a little after nine. We did not hear from him until almost 5:30am. Tonight, we took the bumper pad off of his crib, per the pediatricians recommendation. He is a mover! I think that he will be rolling over very soon! He is so close.
2) We went to lunch today at Cracker Barrel. It is getting harder to take Addie and Alex out to eat as they are becoming more active. Get this!!!!! We were being sat at our table, when the hostess sat another set of baby twins at the table right next to us. How funny.....
3) Alex and Addie had their 4 month doctors appointment and shots today. Dr. Kasper is really pleased with how much they have grown. As of right now, both kids are progressing as they should be. Dr. Kasper said that we are free to start introducing cereal and baby foods as soon as we feel that we are ready. Mommy and Daddy plan on introducing cereal first once we get to Alabama.
Reports for Addie and Alex:
weight: 10 pounds 4 ounces
length: 23 inches long
weight: 13 pounds 7 ounces
length: 25 inches long

On Friday, we will be spending all day packing!!!! We have lots to do and a little time to do it. Great Grandma will be coming over to help with Addie and Alex. The movers will arrive on Wednesday night to start getting things in order. We hope to be on the road by late afternoon on Thursday. The movers will deliver everything to the new house on Friday morning. Then, Friday night, Grandma and Grandpa will come for a visit.
Daddy went to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor today and found out that he will need to have sinus surgery later this month. Therefore, he will have a CT Scan on Saturday to get the process started. We are coming home to St. Louis over Memorial Day for the twins NICU follow up and that will allow Dale to have the surgery here in St. Louis over that weekend.
Have a great weekend! We hope to see everyone before heading out next week!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

18 Weeks Old Today!!!!!

Hello everyone!
Here are some updated pictures of Addie and Alex from today. It has been nice having beautiful weather. Today, we were able to dress them in summer clothes and even go for a nice walk. It makes things so much easier on us not to have to bundle them up.
This past weekend, mommy and daddy spent the weekend in Alabama. We tied up some loose ends on the new house and also closed. Therefore, we are ready to go. Mommy also interviewed a pediatrician in the area. Dr. Patz will be great! He has twins himself. Therefore, he has been there and seen some of the things that we are going through. The pediatricians office looks like a mini urgent care center for children. It is HUGE! Today, an electrician came in and changed out all of our lights. Alex will love his new Airplane Fan once it is up and installed.... Addie's room looks like a castle with tall ceilings.
While we were in Huntsville, we ran lots of errands, followed up on the house business, and visited with a few friends. A week from tomorrow our movers will be here to load us up!
Tomorrow, Addie and Alex go to the doctor for their 4 month check up. We are anxious to hear how they are doing and how much they weigh now. We will post that info later this week!
Tonight, Alex will try sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time. He is getting too big for the cradle. He moves constantly. When you go to check on him in the middle of the night, he is always in a different position.
Enjoy the pictures from today!

Addie being photogenic for this shot.
The hands in the mouth for Alex is a fairly
new thing. He will be a thumb sucker, for sure!

Awwww.... Alex says, "I love you little sister"....

Alex and Addie were great with getting their pictures taken today. You can see, it is hard to get a picture of Alex without his hands near his mouth. But, atleast he was smiling!
Alex smiles for the picture and Addie loves wearing her new dress!

Friday, April 18, 2008


We love these outfits!!!!!! Addie and Alex were so tired last night, but we tried our best to get a few shots of them in these adorable outfits!

" MOM, ARE YOU DONE YET?" "We are tired of these pictures".

New Pictures!!!!

Whew! We have had a very crazy week!
Addie and Alex went on lots of adventures with mommy. On Wednesday afternoon, we went on our first mall mission! We walked the mall four times!!!!!!! Of course, we had to make a few stops to get things for Addie and Alex including these new outfits! Are we cute, or what?
On Thursday, we went to lunch with Ms. Joanne. She was Addie and Alex's primary nurse during their stay in the NICU. She was so glad to see them.

Awwwww. Brother and Sister shot.....

Mr. Personality, Alex, himself!
Adorable Addie!

Happy Friday from Addie and Alex

Sorry for the delay in postings... Things have been very busy around here!
Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a nice weekend in Las Vegas. Addie and Alex are getting so big.
Two weeks from today, we will be moving into our new house in Alabama.....
Here are some pictures from a week or two back. Great Grandma has been a big help while daddy has been out of town.

Great Grandma enjoys time with both Addie and Alex.

Daddy and the twins....

Alex loves to laugh and smile. Here is one of his best!

"We love Eric Carle Books"!!!!!!!

Alex and Addie pose for the picture. It is so hard to get them both to sit up straight without one of them tumbling over. But, we try our best.

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Adorable New Pictures

Addie and Alex and their brand new SMILES!!!!!!
It is so hard to believe that Addie and Alex are already 15 weeks old! They are getting so big. While packing this past week, I found tons of 3-6 months clothes for Alex, they seem to fit him well. Little Sister is still wearing some newborn and 0-3 clothes. It will be awhile before she is in 3-6 months. But, thats ok!!!!!!

Addie looks so cute! Mommy found these outfits burried in their dresser. I had to let them wear them just one time as they were already too small!

Mr. Personality himself poses for the camera! He loves to have his picture taken. I was glad to get a picture without him and his pacifier this time!

Addie loves playing underneath this activity gym. Even from her time spent in the NICU, she has been very active! She really gets this noise maker going! Look for her video here in this blog posting.....

There is not a whole lot to report right now. But, here are a few updates for the weekend:

Mommy and Daddy have been spending so much time working around the house trying to get packed up for the big move to Alabama. Thanks to great grandma for all of her time helping with the twins. There is no way that we could have gotten all this done without help!

Addie and Alex went to the doctor on Thursday as I thought that Alex was not feeling well. However, they checked out fine! Dr. Kasper says that they are looking good! Here are their weights from Thursday's visit:

Addelynn: 9 pounds 3 ounces

Alexander: 12 pounds 4 ounces

Both of them are really starting to smile, talk and move about! It is so much fun to watch them...

Here is what is going on here in the next few days:

Sunday is supposed to be REALLY NICE! If we get enough done today, we plan on doing something outside with the twins.

On Monday, Addie will see a feeding specialist at the child development center. We are trying to figure out why she eats good at sometimes and not at others. She is very picky with bottles too. So, the feeding specialist will help us to determine the best way to feed her and which bottles that we should be using. At this visit, Alex will also have another physical therapy session. We are trying to improve his tortocolis. This is where he tends to always want to lean to the right side. With doing his homework and exercises everyday, it is getting better!

On Wednesday daddy leaves for a 10 day business trip. Mommy will be joining Daddy in Vegas for the weekend. Then, when daddy gets back from Vegas, mommy and him will be going to Huntsville to close on the house.The movers come the 1st of May and we move in on the 2nd.

Addie has fun underneath the activity gym. Listen to her talk!

Addie and Alex Enjoy Visitors

Over the past few weeks, Addie and Alex have been having lots of visitors. Now that the weather is starting to get nice, the cold and flu season has settled down. Thank goodness! Last week, mommy and daddy's friends Dana and Jason brought their new little boy, Noah over to visit. He is a cutie! He was born the beginning of January and is a little bit bigger than Alex..... If Addie and Alex were not moving to Alabama, they would have enjoyed playing with Noah. But, we will be sure to keep in touch and arrange visits!

Addie has a boyfriend!!!!!!! Addie and Noah pose for the picture......

Alex, Addie and Noah pose for the pictures... Geez, I thought that twins was hard to handle at times, getting three of them to pose at the same time was difficult. We must have taken over 20 pictures to try and get a good one!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter Day Photos and Updates

After church on Easter, we had lots of places to stop and visit. First, we went to daddy's side of the family. We had lots of fun! Then, we went to see Aunt Linda, Uncle Jim, and Aimee. After this, we had a car ride to mommy's side of the family. Easter night was not fun! Both Addie and Alex were so tired from running around all day and being off of their normal routine! Here are some pictures from Easter Sunday.....

Addie and Alex met thier great cousin today. Her name is Mackenzie!
She is precious... It is hard to believe that she was born just a few days after Addie and Alex.

Great grandpa enjoys spending time holding Alex.

4 Generations Photo: Great Grandpa, Grandpa, Daddy and Alex

4 Generations Photo: Great Grandma, Grandma, Mommy and Addie

Mommy holds Great Cousin Kami, Addie, and Alex while sitting with great grandma.

Thanks to everyone for the adorable Easter gifts! Addie and Alex are blessed!

Addie and Alex's 1st Easter Morning

Addie and Alex's First Easter Morning Photos
Who would have ever thought that it would take mommy and daddy three hours to get themselves and the twins ready for church. By the time that mommy and daddy got ready, fed Addie and Alex, dressed Addie and Alex, took the dog out and packed the diaper bag for the day, it was just about three hours worth of work! Oh, don't forget, we did spend some time taking these pictures.... Go figure, the Easter outfits that we had picked out for them were not good for today due to the fact that it was in the 30's and snowing. Therefore, Alex was actually in a newborn outfit that he had never worn that mommy loved! Addie wore a preemie dress that she had gotten a long time ago! So, atleast they got a chance to wear these things! Enjoy the pictures!

Happy 1st Easter Alex! You looked to cute in your Easter outfit!

Happy First Easter, little princess Addie. You look adorable in the bonnett. For pictures, mommy and daddy had to tape the bonnett in the back in order to get it to fit! Even then, it was still a little big.

Addie and Alex on Easter Morning before Church.

For those of you that do not know, mommy and daddy bought this coat back when mommy was pregnant for little Addie. This was the first time that she got to wear it. It will probably fit her when she goes to kindergarten :) By this time, Addie was getting tired and ready for a nap!

Alex and his newborn coat. Mommy and daddy were so busy thta we forgot the matching hat....

Easter Fun

Happy Late Easter to everyone. Addie and Alex had a very busy 1st Easter. We had so many cute things for them to wear. These pictures were actually from the Saturday before Easter. They looked so cute!

Alex poses for the camera. Their Easter baskets arrived just on time for the special day.

Alex did not want to have his picture taken today without a pacifier. Therefore, we found an orange one to make it look like a rabbit was in search of a carrot.

Addie is really getting to be a big girl. Here you can see how big she is!
Of course, Alex's 1st Easter outfit was 3-6 months size and Addie's was 0-3, but they both filled them out very well.

Sweet little Addie and her bunny hat!

Awwwww... Are they cute or what?