Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go Illini!!!!!!

Yesterday, both kids were dressed for the Illinois Football game.
Even though they were in bed when the game started, they are still Illinois Fans!!!!
Addelynn and Alexander were sad that they lost the game, but we will cheer harder next week!!!!!!
I guess that the orange and blue attire did pay off some as our 2nd team, Auburn did win yesterday!!!!!!

Grandma and Grandpa, Can WE Go?????

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
As you can see we are getting good use out of the outfits that you brought us from your last cruise! Even though it is 8 months later, we are NOW able to fit in them!!!!!!! Since you had such a hard time finding clothes for us on the cruise, we don't want you to have to spend time next week looking for clothes for us. Why don't you spend time taking us to the beach, feeding us pineapple juice, taking us to shows, and swimming with us????????
Our bags are packed! Please pick us up no later than Thursday!
See you soon,
Addie and Alex

See, we really can be good listeners! We promise to turn our listening ears on and behave!
Have you decided yet?
"I'm calling grandma"!!!! "NO, I'm calling grandma"
Taking pictures these days is not so easy, the phone is the only thing that will keep them still...
I am taking my Watermelon Swimming Suit! Don't forget to pack Mr. Turtle. He will love going to the beach too!
I am ready to go snorkeling!!!!!

Mr. Personality Himself!

Mr. Personality Himself was being such a CAMERA HOG today!
I had to share these pictures that I snapped of him.....
Alex loves spending time in the play yard. I think that is the best money that Oma has ever spent!!!!!!!!! We have gotten so much use out of it. Now, we are on the hunt for an addition so that we can make it bigger!

This picture reminds me of the book, "WHERE's WALDO". I am like, "Where is ALEX"? There are so many toys in this play yard that I am not sure how they move about.
While Daddy and Mommy were cleaning out closets, we found this summer hat! I know that it won't fit him next year as it is already a little small.............

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Biscuits, Biscuits, EVERYWHERE!

Addie and Alex: First GERBER Biscuit Cookies
September 24, 2008
Mommy talks to OLD grandma a few times each day. Last week, OLD grandma asked mommy about what kind of goodies we had tried to eat. Mommy told her that we were eating REAL applesauce with our cereal and also PUFFS. OLD grandma asked if we had tried those "MESSY COOKIES". Mommy said no, not yet! Earlier this week, we went to check the mail with mommy and we had a letter from OLD grandma. She had sent us tons of diaper coupons as well as a few dollars with a little note that said "TREATS". So, mommy took us to the store and bought us a whole bunch of treats~ Tonight, we made a HUGE mess with our GERBER BISCUIT COOKIES. Thanks OLD grandma for the treats~
Addie sat in her highchair for almost an hour working on one cookie. Afterwards, she was put into the bathtub! She was covered from head to toe in biscuit mess!
Alex was not too sure about these cookies. He gave it a few tries and then was banging on the tray for PUFFS. Daddy and I think that he is going to be the PICKY one. Whew! Alex also had a bath but was not as much of a mess!
Ok, mom, I can pose for a picture!
Here you can see one of Addelynn's teeth! She was covered in cookie mess! At one point, she tried to brush her hair with the cookie. Yuck!
Adrienne, now do you believe my mommy that I am a MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you look really close, you can see one of Alex's teeth!

The Three Bears!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures from today! Addie and Alex had a very special play date! Not only did Emma and her mommy Brandi come over to play, but they were the first people other than family to babysit Addie and Alex!!!!!!! Thanks to Brandi, mommy's friend for taking time out of her day to do us a favor. It is not easy to trust just anyone and I am so thankful that I have you as a friend! While mommy was out and about today, Brandi and Emma took very good care of Addelynn and Alexander as well as the two dogs!!!!! Thanks again!

Alex playing peek-a-boo with Emma
Finally, Brandi caught Alex climbing on Addie on camera. He has been doing this for a week or so, but by the time that I notice it and run for the camera, he is done!
Am I handsome, or what?
Little sister is not SO LITTLE, anymore.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alex Pulls Up

Almost There, Alex!
Everyday, Alex is getting closer to pulling up. Today, he was starting to pull up in his bed and in the play area. Tonight after his bath, he was crawling around on our bedroom floor and we noticed him trying to play with the drawer handles and pull up on our dressers and bed. Yikes! I guess that it is time to put the outlet covers all over the house! I was putting off doing that, but I think that the time has come!!!!!

"I'm not in any trouble, I promise"
Hmmmm, how can I climb up?
I will sit on my knees and play with the drawer handles.

Rub a Dub Dub

Rub a Dub Dub, Addie and Alex in the Tub
Since we moved in May, we have been giving Addie and Alex their baths in our tub. It is much easier to just put them in the tub with one of us or take them into the shower! They both love their bath time! Alex loves to splash in the water and Addie loves to swim!
Tonight both Addie and Alex were very crabby! Therefore, we decided to try putting them both in the tub at the same time. Whew! I am so tired!!!!!! This took a lot of energy. They both love to squirm around and it is hard to watch them both at the same time.
Daddy was able to catch a few cute pictures!

Happy 9 Month Old Birthday

Happy 9 Month Birthday Addelynn and Alexander
September 19, 2008
WOW! It seems like just a few days ago I was writing their 8 month old birthday post. Time sure goes by fast! Addie and Alex are doing great! It is amazing how much they have changed in just a months time! Tomorrow we go for our 9 month check up and shots. We are looking forward to see how much they weigh and how they are doing! Seems as if they are both eating like little piggies here of late! Be sure to stop by tomorrow night and see their stats from their appointment!
Addie was so tired on Saturday that she fell asleep in the play area. Good thing Alex was not around as he would have been pulling her ear, biting her, or crawling all over her! She slept like this for over an hour! When Addie is sleeping, you do not mess with her!
Mommy and Daddy put Addie and Alex's letters up on their walls this weekend.
When we were doing this, Addie and Alex spent twin time reading books! I will try and get some pictures of their letters this week. However, when I realized that I did not have any to put on the blog, they were already and bed, and I was not disturbing them!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Mommy and Daddy bought these Illini outfits as well as many more in bigger sizes before Addie and Alex were born. It is so much fun now that they are able to wear them! I know, I know, we live in Alabma, but we still cheer on the Fighting Illini. However, our friend Ansleigh is a HUGE Auburn Fan! We have decided that since Auburn has the same colors as the Illini that we will also cheer them on this football season!
During mommy's pregnancy, we learned some really neat things out about her doctors. Dr. James Bartlesmeyer, the high risk perinatologist was a HUGE ILLINI fan. I hope to send him some of these pictures of Addie and Alex. I am sure that he would get a kick out of them. Dr. Jewell, the OB, was a HUGE MIZZOU fan. We will also be sending him a few pictures just cause he knows that we were supporters of the ILLINI! I know that he too will LOVE them!
Dear Amy, our favorite nurse on Floor 5, if you happen to see Dr. Bartlesmeyer or Dr. Jewell before I get these pictures in the mail to them, would you please share?
Our friend, Ansleigh!!!!!!! She is our Auburn fan!
To learn more about Ansleigh and her family visit:

GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Addie says, "You can take my picture!" Alex is being silly!

We like to play toys!
Mommy and Addelynn
Addelynn always finds a way to look for Bradyn or Dakota when we are trying to take a picture!
Whew! It is getting harder and harder to take their picture. They have a hard time wanting to sit still. Imagine that!

GO ILLINI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots and Lots of Pictures

Hi Everyone!
Sorry that there has been another delay in posting pictures! But, you will be happy that I will be posting tons of pictures today. Getting away to get the camera is not as easy as it was just a few weeks ago! Read below to see what is new! I hope that you enjoy the updates and pictures!!!!!!!!
Addie does not feel like smiling for the camera today. I think that she must be getting another tooth as she has not been in the best mood. She does smile, but as soon as I get the camera, I usually get a face like this!
Can you believe all the toys I have? Alex says, which one do you want to play with?
I have all these toys to play with but I would like to go climbing all over my sister!
Addie and Alex have fun playing in their play area! Between all the toys, you will find Alex sitting on a few and Addie laying across all of them!
Yes, you see it correct! Alex has STARTED to pull up on things. He has not yet mastered getting to standing, but he is very close!
Who would have ever guessed that this little ball could be such a hit for both Addie and Alex! They absolutely love playing with it. We should add a few of those to their Christmas list! It is very funny to watch them crawl after the ball when you roll it.
Little sister says, "Ok, mom, you can have this smile"!
Here is my serious face!
"" When is snack time mommy, I am hungry!"
For the most part, this has been a good week, so far! The weather here in Huntsville has been slowly cooling down. We have been dying to open our windows, so we have been bearing the warm afternoons. With having over 22 windows to open, it can be quite the chore! But, it is well worth it! Unfortunately, Addie and Alex have to have their windows closed during nap time as they are still building the house next door. However, that should be completed within the next month. Last night, we had fun giving Bradyn a bath outside! Dakota will have a turn this weekend. No big plans for this weekend.
Addie and Alex go to Dr. Patz, their Huntsville Pediatrician next week for their 9-month shots and appointments. We are anxious to hear how they are doing. I can tell you that they are growing more and more everyday. Finding pants this winter is going to be hard for Addelynn as she is so long! As you have read before, Addie has been a good cereal eater for a few weeks. Alex did not care for it so much. I have noticed that Addie likes the veggies and Alex likes the fruit. However, this past weekend, I started mixing their cereal with REAL APPLESAUCE and Alex will eat it now! Yea!!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Meet our New Friend Emma

Addie and Alex Meet Emma
For months now, I have been trying to get involved with Huntsville Hospital NICU. I had such a moving experience with the NICU in St. Louis that I wanted to get involved with the local NICU. In doing some research, I came across a blog of a very dear friend. I met Brandy, Emma's mom back in May when we moved to Huntsville. We have spent the past 4 months talking via the Internet and phone. However, due to our busy schedules and kids being sick, we have not had the opportunity to actually meet in person. I have been so looking forward to meeting her though and knew that when we met that I would feel so comfortable as I feel like I had known her for a long time. There is something about having a preemie baby/babies that draws you close to others that have been there. Emma, Brandy and George's daughter was born at 26 weeks. She is now a healthy, energetic and loving little girl! Tonight, we had the pleasure of meeting them in person for the first time! What an exciting experience. It is one that will never be forgotten. Between Emma's balloon popping at the dinner table, to Emma kissing Alex, and Emma trying to push the stroller, we had a great time visiting. We are already planning another play date for possibly as soon as tomorrow! Thanks to Emma and her parents for such a fun night out!
Here are our pictures from this evening. Want to learn more about Emma and her family, please feel free to visit their blog at:
For now, enjoy these pictures!
Normally, you save the best for last. However, this one had to go first!!!!!!!!!!!
Emma was so thrilled to put her hands on Addie and Alex. She kept petting Alex saying, "pretty". She tried to kiss Addie's toes, push the stroller, and kiss Alex all in the same night! How funny!
Emma says, "Pretty"..... I don't know that he is pretty, but he sure is handsome!
Ok Emma, what about me???????? I need some attention too!
Do you think we're cute?
Emma did save the best for last, Addie! Check out her pose in this picture. Do you see her crossed feet! How cute!

Alex and Addie had a fun time getting to know Emma!