Saturday, January 5, 2008

Little Update for Today

Sorry for the delay in the posting....
We have been very busy! This morning, we attended class at the NICU.
We learned lots about car seat safety and infant CPR and choking... The class
was a great learning opportunity for us. This week, we will take a class to learn all about
the life of a preemie. On Friday, I plan on attending the NICU Moms Group at the hospital for scrapbooking....
The babies continue to do well... Both of them are taking a few bottles daily. We are still waiting for Addie to gain a little more weight so that she can be moved to an open crib. Alex just has to learn to take all of his feedings by bottle and he will be rolling out the door.......
On Sunday, we hope to have updated weights on the babies as well as some updated pictures!

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