Saturday, January 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home for Alex and Almost There for Addie

Bradyn came home today from the kennel. We would like to thank Mrs. Lashley for brining him home and helping us introduce him to Alex. Bradyn has done a great job getting to know Alex. We will continue to work on getting him used to things as time goes on. In this picture, you can see that Bradyn has had a rough day. Alex wore him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex loves his bouncey seat. We try to give him time in this seat after every feeding.

Can't believe that today is Saturday. We have been so busy that it is hard to keep track of the days. Since we brought Alex home on Thursday, things have been even more busy. Thursday night was great! Alex is being woke up every four hours to eat. Then, he is up for about 30 minutes before going back to sleep. On Friday, mom was able to go and visit Addie for a few hours. During her visit, Addie was wide awake and wanting lots of attention. While, mom was visiting, Addie had another heart rate drop. Really, we have been told that this is all due to her being so premature. The doctors say that she will grow out of it.... But, it does push her coming home date back a few days.... We should know more on Monday.

Alex has been eating like a big boy since coming home. He is now taking between 65 mL and 70 mL at every feeding. We are feeding him every 4 hours. Mommy and daddy are trying to get as much sleep as possible when he is asleep.

Sweet little Addie is still in the NICU. We hope that she will be coming home early next week.
However, we realize that they are keeping a close eye on her while she is there. We have been told that she is doing very well with her feedings. As you can see in the picture, Addie still does not have a feeding tube. Yea Addie! She is now eating 45 mL at each feeding. Tomorrow, they will be switching her to a "demand schedule". This schedule will allow Addie to eat every four hours. It will also help her to adjust to what her schedule will be like once she comes home. Our primary night nurse, Holly was back last night. She said that Addie has really gotten big and lots cuter. She spent extra time cuddling with Addie as mommy and daddy have not been able to spend as much time there with Alex being home.
Addie: Continue to be a good girl! We can't wait to have you home!!!!!!!

In conclusion, both kids had the 2D heart ultrasound. The neonatologist has said that our pediatrician will keep an eye on things as far as a possible heart murmur. But, as of right now things that are showing up seem to be typical for preemies.

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