Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Alex Breathes Fresh Air

Both kids continue to do well.....
Here is a bit of an update from New Years Eve:
Alex: Tonight while visiting, Alex was very tired. He did not wake up much.... Therefore, we did not get to bottle feed him as they are only bottle feeding him when he shows interest. However, he did take 3 of his feedings today by bottle. The nurses have said that he is getting the hang on bottle feeding as he paces himself throughout the feedings. The big news from today is that Alex has been moved from his isolette to an open air crib. We are anxious to see him in that crib today. He will now be wearing clothes, socks and a hat at all times to help maintain his body temperature. Being moved to an open air crib was a big milestone as it is one of their goals before being able to go home. Now, all Alex has to do before coming home is learn to take all of his feedings by bottle. Way to go Alex! We are proud of you.......
Addie: Tonight while visiting, Addie was wide awake. She was very alert and spent a lot of time making faces during her feeding. Today, Addie's agenda was changed. They added a fortifier to her feedings. This fortifier has a lot of vitamins. She does not seem to like it very much, as her clothes were changed twice due to her spitting up. By the end of this evening, Addie was taking 30 mL at a feeding. However, this may be changing very soon as she is not tolerating the fortifier with this much food... We will just have to wait and see. We have been told that this is very common.
Here are their updated weights from today.... As you can see, both Addie and Alex are putting on the weight as they are both weighing more than they did at birth.
Addelynn: 3 pounds 4.9 ounces
Alexander: 4 pounds 11 ounces
Please check back later for more updates....... We hope to have updated pictures soon!!!!!!!!!

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