Friday, January 4, 2008

Lots of Pictures

What a cute little girl..... This is a great picture of Addie.

Alex was wide awake this evening before his feeding. He looks
adorable in the santa hat. Today, Alex had his hearing test.....He passed
the test. Addie will have the hearing test once she is moved to an open crib.

Addie is a happy baby..... She seems to be adding more hair everyday.
Her hair color is a light blond.

Addie and Mommy

Alex is awake and ready to eat...... In this picture, you can see how
bundled up he is while in the open crib.

We are learning more and more about the little ones everyday....
Both of them continue to do well! Addie and Alex are both adding weight daily.
We hope to have updated weights on the next posting.

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