Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Daddy holding Addie before her bottle feeding session....From the second we arrived tonight, Addie was wide awake. The nurse even had to tell us to try and allow her to sleep so that she would be ready to bottle feed. But, Addie never wants to rest or close her eyes when people are around.....

Mommy bottle feeding Alex for the first time......

Alex trying his best to pace himself during his bottle feeding session.
We have been told that "pacing" is one of the hardest things for a preemie to
do when learning to bottle feed. They have to learn to pace themselves and take breaths
in between swallowing. We also learned this evening that they put a few extra mL in the bottles, so that the babies are not sucking so much air out of the bottom of a bottle.

Daddy feeding Addie for the first time. She was very alert this evening.
She did not want to close her eyes for anything! However, she was so interested in
what was going on around her, she had a harder time taking the bottle. However, with a little
help, that job was accomplished!

Alex enjoys spending time in his big boy bed.... Can you believe that this is
not even a preemie outfit? I think that he will be in Newborn clothes from this
point forward as the preemie clothes are getting to be too small........

Happy New Year!
Tonight was an exciting night for all of us...
Both of us were able to feed the babies for the very first time.
Alex tends to be more agressive with bottle feeding than Addie, but she will catch up! Here are some pictures from our visit this evening... Enjoy!

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