Wednesday, January 16, 2008

20 Fingers and 20 Toes Closer to the Door.........

Sorry for the delay in the update. We have been very busy!
Daddy has been working and mommy has been trying to get ready for the little ones to come home. Lots to report today. Enjoy...

On Tuesday, Daddy spent time with Addie. As of 3am Tuesday, she had gone 24 hours
without having to use the feeding tube. Therefore, she had taken 8 bottles in a row. We found out on Wednesday morning, that Addie had made it 48 hours with all bottle feedings. Therefore, her feeding tube was removed in the middle of the night. Yea Addie! We can't wait to see you this afternoon without that tube.
During the visit on Tuesday, Addie did have a heart rate drop, which is not uncommon, especially for preemies. Our primary nurse thinks that it is positional, which means that it was due to how she was positioning herself. So, Addie earned a few more days in the NICU. But, we are ok with that as we would rather make sure that everything is ok before bringing her home.
Addie is now taking 36mL per feeding. They adjust her feedings based on her weight. As of last night, Addie has added the pounds. Addelynn now weighs 4 pounds 1.1 ounces. She is catching up to Alex very quickly.

Here is mommy feeding Alex. As you can see, Alex is now using a blue nipple on his bottles.
This is a regular flow nipple. The green nipple that Addie is using and that Alex used previously has a single hole and the preemies have to work harder to get the milk. We have been taught that the green nipple is a great teaching tool for both the parent and the preemie. The blue nipple is used once the preemie is pretty good at feedings. It can be a very fast flow and if they are not prepared to use it, they could get too much milk at once causing heart rate drops. It is very possible that Alex could come home on blue and Addie on green. It is all specified to the babies needs.

Addie received a new hat today. It is super cute! Can you believe it? Addie is sleeping in this picture....On Tuesday, Addie passed her hearing test. Mommy and daddy are very proud of her. The audiologist was not sure if the hearing test would work with Addie being awake, but she was not going to sleep! She was awake the whole time. Addie also had a vision test today. With Addie being under 1500 grams at birth, she qualified for this test. Again, we received report from the pediatric opthamologist that Addie passed and looks great! Just when Alex thought that he would escape first, Addie is following right behind...

What do you notice about Mr. Alex??????????
Today, he had his feeding tube removed. He is ready to go.
As of this morning, they will keep him another 24 hours for monitoring and observation.
Pending everything remains consistent, he will be coming home on Thursday. Keep up the good work Alex! On Tuesday evening, Alex hit the BIG SIX POUND MARK!!!!!!!!!!!

We would like to thank all of our friends at Baron Services for the baby shower on Tuesday. Dale and I would have loved to have been there. We hope that you had a great time enjoying cake and punch. We heard that it was delicious. Thanks for your generous gifts! Hopefully, the twins will be able to visit late this spring.

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