Thursday, January 10, 2008

Moving Right Along.....

Addie gets bigger and bigger everyday.....
I find that her clothes are fitting her much better. She is
still hard to change as she is a wiggle worm.

Here is Addie right after waking up from a nap.

Alex stretches before getting ready to bottle feed....

In this photo, you can really see how long Alex measures.
This is a preemie outfit and he has to have socks on as his pants are
way too short! But, the nurses love that outfit, so I still let him wear it.....

Here is another picture from Tuesday...... Too Cute!!!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday, I spent another 12 hour day with the kids..... It was
a great learning experience. Boy, I was so tired when I got home last night.
Our primary nurse Joann wanted me to have an experience that I would never forget!
I was in charge yesterday of all of their care..... Obviously, she was right over my shoulder to help, but it is the best way to get used to what it will be like when they come home. So, I did all diaper changes, all feedings, baths, and much more...... I am sure that today will be very similar.

Big News from Wednesday:
* Her feedings were increased to 34mL every feeding. She is doing great with bottle feeding. We are trying to bottle feed her at every other feeding.
* We have learned that if she is crying that she is most likely needing a diaper change. Other than that, she is normally a very happy baby.
* Still waiting for Addie to add a little more weight before she is moved to an open crib. Believe me, it won't be long as all of the other babies in Room 7 are in open cribs now. She will not want to be left out!
* He is still taking 50 mL at every feeding. However, he did have a change in supplement formula today. When he is not taking breastmilk, he is on Neosure, which is the formula that that he will come home on for supplements.
* As each day goes by, Alex makes more noise. It is so fun to feed him as he is a very noisy eater. However, it is hard for him not to spit up as I am laughing so hard that he is moving too much....... I will try and get video of it soon.....
* We are still hoping for Alex to come home this weekend. However, a lot will depend on how he does today. It is still a challenege for him to take all of his feedings by bottle. Preemies have to use so much energy to do anything!

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