Sunday, August 16, 2009

School Days

August 12th, 2009
Addie and Alex had their first day of school today.
Even when I was staying at home with Addie and Alex, I knew that around 2 years old that I would put them in school part-time. So, I did a lot of research checking out places here. The place that I wanted to send them was on a HUGE waiting list, but I went ahead and took the chance. I have stayed in touch with them over the past year and this fall, they had two openings for Addie and Alex !
I took them to school on Wednesday and daddy met us there. They did as expected. Addie ran right in and Alex was a little hesitant. I am thankful that for weeks before they started that we took them there several times to check out their classroom and of course the play ground!
The first day was not as hard as I anticipated it being and DEFINITELY not as hard as what people told me that it would be. I truly feel that having confidence in where we are sending them has made the transition so much easier! We could not have them enrolled in a better program!

This chalkboard in the classroom has lots of magnets. Addie ran right for it!
Even the first day, she started acting like she owned the place! She knows right where everything is at and moves about like she has been there for months!
Alex is still investigating! Anxious to see how he does this week!
Imagine that, needing to sit in the ELMO chair on her first day :)
The kids had their 2nd day of school on Friday.
Both of them ran right in the front door. Alex was still a little hesitant at first, but did great! From what I understand, he whimpers for a few minutes and then finds something to play with. When I picked them up on Friday, the 6 kids in the class were sitting watching a video. But of course, as soon as Addie saw me, she had to get up and start pointing everything in her classroom out to me! Looking forward to a great week!

Both Addie and Alex LOVE shoes! However, they do not leave them on their feet for more than 30 seconds. I don't know how they will do with having to wear tennis shoes to school. The other night, I came in the front door and put my shoes next to the door. Before I could even turn around, Addie had them on her feet and was trying to walk. Considering that they are flip flops and she knows how to wear them, I think that she is pretty smart!

Remember the play-yard that we used to have for the kids? Well, for the most part, it is not being used anymore. We are still using pieces of it to block off the fireplace and other areas of the house. But, we had to take it down when the kids learned to tag team to get out of it! Now, we just have the kitchen and the hallway blocked off with gates :) However, Alex has started trying to figure out how to open them as you can see in this picture.

Always wanting to watch ELMO!

The other day, my friend Brandy came to watch the kids while we went to work. Ms. Emma is so cute! I think that the kids had a great time sharing their toys with her. Good practice too for Emma, as she will be a big sister this winter! Thanks Brandy!

Bath Time Fun!

With Addie and Alex being into everything and wanting to ride in the wagon several times each night, they are filthy dirty! It is so funny to watch them splash each other in the tub. We have had a hard time getting them not to scream when pouring water on their heads to wash their hair. Any tips?

We have had a lot going on at our house over the past several weeks. Therefore, it has been hard finding time to update the blog. However, I am going to try my best to update it more often. I think that if Addie and Alex would sit still for more than 2 seconds that I would have more pictures to post and update more freequently :)