Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday May 31st

Today, Addie and Alex spent lots of time with grandma and grandpa. Mommy and Daddy are looking for a van for the twins. We are just running out of room! It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate in such a short amount of time. As of tonight, we have not found anything that we are super satisfied with....
While at grandma and grandpa's house, Addie and Alex started eating sweet potatoes. Today, they both had peaches for the 1st time! Addie and Alex must have been hungry today as they not only ate peaches, but each had their own jar of bananas.
Thanks to all that have posted comments :)

Awwwww... Diaper Pictures

Thanks to Great Aunt Diane for these adorable pictures! Up until now, we have always had to have them clothed so that they would not catch cold. But, are these not cute?

Memorial Day Weekend Pictures
Over Memorial Day weekend, Great Uncle Frank, Great Aunt Diane and Great Cousins Meghan and Josh came to visit Addie and Alex. They live in Little Rock, so this was their first time to see the twins. We had a great visit! Sorry that it took so long to post these pictures. Part of that is due to the fact that mommy and Great Aunt Diane LOVE to take pictures. So, we had lots to go through :) Enjoy!
Twin Time for Addie Alex. It is hard to find twin time with Alex rolling over so much. But, they are so cute together!
Alex is such a HAM for the camera.

Great Aunt Diane holds Addie and Alex for the 1st time!
Great Cousin Josh, Great Cousin Meghan with Addie........

A Few More Pictures from Beach Bum Photography

Pensacola Beach Pictures
Taken By: Beach Bum Photography
Oh my goodness! Yesterday, we received a CD with all of our beach pictures. There were so many pictures that I had a hard time deciding which ones to post. But, I tried my best to show a variety. Pictures on the beach was a lot of fun! Addie and Alex cooperated and enjoyed being out next to the water.
By this time, Addie and Alex were getting a little tired. But, we tried our best!

Daddy loves his kids~
Mommy loves her kids~
Little Sister steals the show with this picture!
Am I cute or what?????????????????
Alex was such a happy boy today!
This boy is always looking for food. "Not sand, Alex"
Mommy and Daddy realized that it is not the easiest to find time to get pictures anymore. However, we were able to find a nice couple on the beach to watch Addie and Alex in the stroller while we shot a few pictures~

Friday, May 30, 2008

Daddy/Blog Update

As most of you know, Daddy had sinus surgery on Tuesday. His sinueses had been giving him trouble for 4 years!!!! He is recovering well. Daddy says that he feels much better than even before the surgery. So, that is a good thing :) We can't wait til daddy is able to lift us and play with us again. Right now, he has to be very careful. Mommy can't wait either :) Thanks to grandma and grandpa for all their help with taking care of us while we are here. We will be here for another week before heading back to Huntsville.
Mommy spent a lot of time this week updating this blog for us. Please leave comments so that we can read them when we grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Addelynn and Alexander

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pictures from Grandma and Grandpa's House

Has anyone else ever noticed that Addie and Alex do not get a lot of attention???? Yea RIGHT!!!!!!!!! Addie and Alex get more attention than they could ever ask for.... Two very cute babies that are loved by many!

Daddy spends time with Alex before going for surgery on Tuesday. Alex has been full of smiles here lately!!!!
Great Grandma holds Addie. She has always spent lots of time holding the twins. But, they are getting harder and harder to hold!

Addie's Face Pictures

Here are some recent pictures of the not so, "Little Sister", Addie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex's Face Pictures

Here are some recent pictures of the big boy, Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swimming with Addie and Alex May 19, 2008

Mommy and Daddy had a great time getting Alex and Addie ready for their first trip to the pool. They did great! After a few minutes out in the wind, they both fell asleep!

Trip to the Swimming Pool: May 19, 2008

Here are some pictures from our hotel in Pensacola, Florida. The weather was a little chilly, but the kids had to get their first experience in the pool! Awwwww....

Our First Trip to Lamberts: Foley, Alabama May 17, 2008

Here are pictures of Addie and Alex and their first trip to Lamberts "Home of the Throwed Rolls". We went to Lamberts for lunch before going to an outlet mall for the day! Addie and Alex were very restless at lunch.
Today was the first day that they tried baby food. We started on bananas. They did great!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pictures Continued: Naval Aviation Museum

I must have taken a million pictures at this museum. But, the kids were just too cute! It is so hard to pass up a picture opportunity!

Alex had the perfect outfit for today. Here he is in a plane, getting ready for take off. Can't wait til he is 4 and we can take him to get his own pilot attire.
Finally, mommy's turn to hold Alex and Addie!!!!!!!!

Our First Stop: Pensacola, Florida (Trip to the Museum of Naval Aviation)

On Friday morning of last week, we took the dogs to the kennel and hit the road for Pensacola. We had a very nice ride down there as mommy was able to sit in the back of the van and take care of Addie and Alex. We only had to stop a few times. After checking in to our hotel, we went to Hooters for dinner. Friday night was an early night to bed as we were tired from the road trip. On Saturday morning, we went to the Naval Aviation Museum. This made daddy's day as he loves aviation. For mommy not being much of a tourist, she did enjoy the museum. Here are some pictures from our day!

Here is daddy with the "TRAIN". This stroller was the best investment yet so far. It is light weight and easy to get around.
Addie is not so sure about being up in the Blue Angel Plane! I was so glad that there was not a huge line to get up in this plane as doing it with two kids takes FOREVER!
Alex was quite the HAM today!
Mr. Pilot himself enjoying the museum!

Updates from the Beach Trip

The next few entries will be notes and pictures from our trip this past week to the beach. We were gone a whole week and had a great time. Alex and Addie are quite the little travelers! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mini Vacation Update

I know that lots of you are dying for updated pictures. This evening, I will try my best to put pictures from our mini vacation on the blog. For the past two nights, we have been in Tallahasee, Florida. This afternoon, we head back to Huntsville, Alabama. Then, we will stay the night at home and leave early in the morning for St. Louis, Missouri.
We have had a rough two days with daddy not feeling well. Thank goodness his sinus surgery is less than a week away. We just hope that the fever goes away and that he starts feeling better before Saturday. They have him on some antibiotics to try and kick an infection. Yesterday, he felt so bad that he went to a urgent care center. At this time, they are pretty sure that it is just a sinus infection. Hint: Reason that he is having the surgery on Tuesday.
Addie and Alex have been great! They sleep through the night even being in a new bed and new place. They are eating like little piggies too. Alex: 6-7 ounces every 3.5 hours .He also eats some cereal and banannas everyday.
Addie: 5-6 ounces every 3.5 hours. She is not too fond of the spoon yet.
Please look for more pictures soon! I will be ready to have my laptop back tonight. I will also be sure and take it with me to St. Louis so that I can update the blog!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pictures from the Beach

So much to share, but so little time........

We have had a wonderful trip to the beach! On Saturday night, we had family pictures taken on the beach. Jessica Marshall was our photographer. Thanks to her patience and willingness to work with Addie and Alex, I think that we will get some good pictures. She is still reviewing them, but here are two that are just adorable! For more information about this photographer, you can view:

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for pictures on the beach! Thanks again Jessica for all of your energy, time and most of all patience!!!

There will be lots more pictures coming soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Our First Mini Vacation

Well, sorry that there are no pictures from today! As many of you are well aware, we are spending the weekend and some of next week on the beach. I will get pictures posted as soon as I find a minute to take some. Today was CRAZY! Here is how things went... Tomorrow we hope that the weather is nicer and that we can spend some time out at the kiddie pool and walking the beach. Addie and Alex brought their own sun tent to use on the beach. However, we will be very careful in the sun as they are so little still! Then, in the afternoon, we are visiting an outlet mall and Lamberts Restaurant, "Home of the throwed Rolls". I will be sure to get lots of pictures!
The kids are sleeping for the night. This week, I will also get a picture of their little cribs. They are so cute!
Have a great weekend and look for more pictures to come soon!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Addie LOVES to be on the VIDEO Camera!!!!!!!

Addie loves to be on the video camera....

Picture #1: Addie loves the playmat. Tonight, I found her playing with the toys and trying to put a few of the rattles in her mouth.

Picture #2: Addie laughing!!!! She is a giggle box!

Week of May 12th Pictures and Updates

Lots of exciting news to report this week!!!!!!
Monday: Very scary day for mommy... She was locked in Alex's room and could not get out for over 10 minutes. The door knob jammed! When we get back from vacation, we are going to relace all the door knobs! This will not happen again! Also, we had to take Addie to the peditrician today. When she woke up from a nap this morning, her hands, feet, and arms/legs were blue!!!!!!! But, I knew that she was ok when I saw that her head and face were still warm and pink. Dr. Patz seems to think that she may have experienced "Blue Stocking Syndrome". This is very common in preemies with their circulatory and central nervous systems being so immature! She is doing just fine now!
Tuesday: Not much to report!
Wednesday: Daddy was sick today. His sinuses are killing him! He was home from work today with a high fever and not feeling well. Tonight, both Addie and Alex had a big bath in the new bath tub. Our bathtub is so big that they will think that it is a swimming pool when they get bigger. Both of them loved the bath!
Thursday: When we went to wake Alex this morning, he was on his belly!!!!!!!!!!!Alex has finally learned to roll over multiple times. Yea Alex! This morning, we went to Daddy's work to visit, but the babies were kind of crabby, so we did not stay long. Today, we have to help mommy get ready for the trip to the beach!

Thursday, May 15th: Alex has learned to roll over all by himself!

Hi, my name is not "Little Sister" in this picture, "I am happy Addie"!

Hi Addie!

Videos of Alex and Addie Eating Cereal

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the pictures of Addie and Alex having their first cereal.
For the first time, they both did very good. However, we tried it again last night and Addie was definitely NOT LIKING it. The only way that I could get her to stop crying was giving her some juice. We will try again tonight!
On the other hand, last night, Alex could not get enough to eat. I swear that he would have eaten the bowl if I would have let him! Alex has gotten the hang of even opening his mouth when he is ready for more.

Alex loves cereal! He was not so sure about it at first, but
he now has the hang of it!

Little sister was not so sure about the cereal! But, she did take a few bites.....She was so cute though in her highchair! She loves sitting in there and looks so big in the chair! I am impressed with how well she can hold her head up. She's getting to be a big girl!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Addie's First Cereal Pictures: May 11, 2008

Addie's First Cereal Pictures: May 11, 2008
Here are pictures from Addie's first taste of cereal. She was a lot of fun!
For the most part, I had an easy time feeding her. She did get fussy in between her and Alex's turn. But, she liked it! The cereal must be making her more hungry as she is drinking more formula now too. At some feedings, she is up to 6 ounces like Alex!!!!!!!

"Hmmmm, when is it my turn"? "I like that stuff"!

"I never spit up, but I can sure get messy with cereal"

"Not so sure I like this bite"

"Mom, don't trick me, the pacifier does not taste the same"!

"I think I am done now"!!!!!!!!!!!!