Thursday, January 3, 2008

2 Weeks Old and Growing

Alex thinks...... Hmmmmmm, what's next? Now that he is in an open air crib, they like
him to wear a hat to keep his head warm.

Addie gets ready to eat......... As you can see, her eyes are just a little open.
She always tries to stay awake for everything!

Dakota has no clue! Over the holiday's, he enjoyed spending
time with us.....

At home, we have been getting Bradyn used to the babies by bringing
things from the hospital with the babies scent. In this photo, Bradyn is
guarding the baby blankets from the hospital that we have placed on the living room
floor. Bradyn is too funny!!!! He will lay right next to the baby toys, on top of the baby blankets, and even wrap himself up in the blankets.

We had to share one picture of Addie actually sleeping.......

Alex and Addie are two weeks old.... It is hard to believe, but true.....

When we visited on Wednesday night, both of them were very alert. We were able to bottle feed both of them. However, Alex and Addie both fell asleep during their feeding. So, we needed a little help. We have been told that babies do not develop the "sucking refex" until they are 34-35 weeks old and they were just 35 weeks old on Wednesday. So, we feel that they are doing just fine. Alex is attempting to bottle feed 3-4 times daily and Addie 1-2 times daily. Here are their weights from Wednesday night......
Addelynn: 3 pounds 5.4 ounces
Alexander: 4 pounds 14.8 ounces
As you can see, they are continuing to increase in weight... It is hard to believe that Alex will be over 5 pounds when we bring him home....
Finally, we would like to say thank you to everyone for all of the thoughts, prayers, flowers, gifts, and outfits. Everything that you all have done has been truly appreciated....

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