Sunday, November 29, 2009

Best Weatherman

Vote for Best Weatherman
Last week, we found out that Dale had been nominated for best weatherman here in Huntsville. For being on television for not even a year yet, this was a big accomplishment for him!
Show your support by visiting the site below and voting for Dale!!!!

Early Birthday with Oma

Over Thanksgiving, we decided to let the kids have their birthday with Oma while she is in town. We have agreed that with their birthday so close to Christmas that it is fine right now to spread it out. These kids will have so many gifts between the 19th of December and the 26th that they won't know what to do! So, allowing them to get some early was a good choice!
From Oma, they got a kitchen set with lots of dishes and food and a train table with lots of train accessories. These things have kept them busy all weekend! Now, if they can only learn to pick up all the dishes and toys when they are done, we will be happy :)

Alex is quite the cook! He will make you just about anything you want!

Turkey Day 2009

We decided to stay at home this year for Thanksgiving. So, our family has taken turns coming to our house. Over the holiday, mommy was fighting strep throat and a bad cold. The week before, Alex had been in the ER for a double ear infection, strep, and conjunctivitus in his one eye. However, we still had a great time this Thanksgiving!

As all family can agree with now, getting pictures is not an easy task these days! Addie and Alex are EVERYWHERE and it is so hard for them to hold still at the same time to get a perfect shot. However, we tired our best!