Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lots of Updates Today

Alex says, "Are you going to ever stop taking my picture"?
Today, Alex was wide awake before his feeding. Now that he is in an open crib,
it is a lot of fun to listen to him make lots of noises. He did pull his feeding tube out again this morning, but it is now back in place....

Tonight, daddy was able to bottle feed Alex. He has been taking between 2-4 bottles daily. He is working towards taking all of his feedings by bottle. Today, the increased Alex's feeding to 50 mL per feeding time. When they gain weight, they increase the feedings. He is just a little piggy....

Alex and daddy during bottle feeding time. He did great until he started to fall asleep....

Addie looks at mommy and daddy while she is supposed to be resting/sleeping.
Right away this morning, the nurse told us that she had been awake for a long time.
Addie seems to not want to rest/sleep when she is supposed to. She is afraid that she is going to miss something, I guess........ This afternoon, Addie took a good nap. She did not even wake up during her diaper change. Addie's feedings have been increased to 31 mL per feeding. She is taking 2-3 bottles each day....

Today, mommy and Addie had some "KANGAROO TIME".
This is where the parents and baby have skin to skin contact. Research has shown
that this is the best medicine that a parent can give a preemie baby. Believe it or not,
Addie slept the whole time! They will try to do atleast one kangaroo session per day.
Daddy will have a chance too.....

The nurses are still saying that Alex could possibly go home later this week. It is all just a waiting game. We are just waiting for him to learn to take all of his feedings by bottle. Addie will most likely be 7-10 days behind Alex. But, she could surprise us!
Updated Weights for the Twins:
Addelynn: 3 pounds 8.3 ounces
Alexander: 5 pounds 3.6 ounces

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