Monday, January 14, 2008

Lots to Report from the Weekend.........

Awwwww......... As you can see in this picture, the twins will be a handful.
Everytime that mommy has held both of them, Alex has always wanted to have
his hands on Addie. It was so cute! Alex would make a noise, then Addie would follow.

On January 11th, 2008, Addie was moved to a big girl bed.
She will no longer be in an incubator. She was able to get up pass the 1700
gram mark and maintain her temperature and therefore was able to be moved.
Yea Addie!!!!!!!! Since being moved to a big girl bed, Addie has become more vocal.
Late last week and over the weekend, she would start to cry before her feedings. But, that
is a good sign....

Here is Mr. Alexander. I have really noticed a difference in his
looks over the past few days. His face is really starting to fill out.
He is a cutie! We tried this hat today as the "Uncle Sam Hat" is almost too small.
Mommy hopes to get more hats for them to wear this week. Did you know why they like
preemies to wear hats all the time?
It is very important for them to maintain their body temperature. Thus, they like to keep a hat on their head most of the time due to the head being the largest part of the body and the first place of the body for temperature to escape........ Ok, enough teaching!!!!!!

Daddy came back from a business trip today. Here is Daddy and Addie.....
Both kids reacted to his voice right away. But, on Sunday, Addie and Alex were both very tired
during our visit.

Told you so! As you can see in this picture, the hat is getting too small for
his little head...... Another thing that I have noticed with Alex here lately is that
he likes to rest/sleep with his hands up by his face.
MORE DETAILS TO REPORT...................
Addelynn: She takes 10 steps forward and we are very proud of her!
It is so nice now that she is in an open crib. Addie is also moving right along with
her bottle feeding. She is trying to bottle feed atleast everyother feeding. For her size, this is great! She is now up to 36mL every feeding. We hope to hit the four pound mark early this week with Addie.
Alexander: We had a bit of a scare on Saturday evening. Alex had 3 cc of blood in his PGA.
PGA is the fluid that they draw from the stomach after a feeding to show how well the babies are digesting. This blood was mixed with formula. However, we have been told that anytime blood is present in PGA or stool, that they will run tests. They did an X-Ray, which came back negative. They were checking for signs and symptoms of the "NEC infection" which can be very serious to preemies. There are no indications to show that Alex has this infection. Now, we are thinking that the blood could have just been irritation from the feeding tube. They will continue to monitor him very closely.... He showed the nurse last night how tired he was of his feeding tube as he pulled it out 2 times.
Alex has been pretty tired this weekend. He is still attempting to bottle feed per cues. But, we are not bottle feeding every feeding in a 24 hour period yet, which is the last thing to do before heading home....

Overall, Addie and Alex continue to make progress! We are looking forward to both of them coming home possibly late this week...... It is such a waiting game and is very unpredictable!
As of right now, it looks like Alex put on the brakes to wait for his sister.....

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