Tuesday, June 23, 2009

18 month Stats

18 Month Check Up
Addie and Alex had their 18 month old check up this morning.
Overall, we have been very lucky as both of them have been very healthy!
We consider us to be very lucky that they have not seen a doctor except for a handful of times outside of routine visits. For being premature, that is a blessing.
Here are the stats from the appointment:
Alexander: 23 pounds and 32.5 inches tall
* He is in the 56% for height and 14% for weight
Addelynn: 17.9 pounds and 31.5 inches tall
* She is in the 45% for height and 1% for weight
We hope to make it back to St. Louis this summer for their NICU follow up!!!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Popsicle Party

We had lots of free time today at home!
With daddy being off this weekend, he was here to help mommy clean up lots of messes. So, we decided why not pull out the popsicles again. The first time that we gave Addie and Alex popsicles was the day of their baptism. BIG MISTAKE. Alex was still a rainbow mess all the way there. But, thats ok...
So, since we had no where to go today, we let them make a huge mess!
Our next step is play dough, so stay tuned!!!!!!!
I have always liked parties, but POPSICLE PARTIES are the best!
ALL DONE! I can smile now that I have a popsicle.

Yes, I do like popsicles.... But, they are not as good as COOKIES!

Yes, I am still a MESS!
How do I put this back together?

I figured it out!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finally, New Pictures!

Wild Wednesday
Per the request of everyone, I spent lots of time tonight working on pictures.
With Dale working lots more these days and the kids into everything, it has been hard to find time to snap pictures. However, you will be impressed as I promise to post pics from our weekend strawberry picking trip on Thursday night. But, for tonight, here are some pictures.
Daddy is now the weekend Meteorologist at WAAY-TV. However, he has been working several week days while people are on vacation and due to the recent severe weather. This past weekend, he had his first weekend off since January and we had a great time shopping, cleaning and picking strawberries.
During the day Addie and Alex have been staying home with Ms. Carley. They love playing with her and have so much fun that they cry when she leaves....
Thanks Carley for all that you do to make Addie and Alex feel special!
Addie and Alex will be going for their 18-month checkup here in the next few weeks. Right now, they are eating like little pigs. Here are some things that you can note:
Addie will only feed herself with spoon and fork. You cannot feed her anymore.
Alex loves COOKIES
Addie and Alex spend 50% of their day reading books. Considering that we have more books that the local public libraries children section, that is not a problem.
Addie and Alex love Elmo
Alex calls mommy "dada"
Both are sleeping about 10-12 hours at night. I know, some of you are jealous. However, they only nap for 45-60 minutes a day!!!!!!!
Addie still likes the playcube. They are almost to big for it as they try to climb over the top.
The play-yard has been a blessing. But, they have TWIN POWER. They can work together to climb it or knock it down.

"Our new toybox holds all our toys, but we might need another one soon just for books"

Alex and his "stinky feet" as they both would say.