Thursday, January 29, 2009

Addie Shows off her Sweet and Sour Sides

Here is couple videos I have taken over the past couple of days of the little ones. One shows her showing Mommy how she walks and the other shows her being sweet with Alex, notice the awww, and then in the same breath showing off her sour side by pulling his hair. We are working on correcting that now otherwise poor Alex will soon look like Great Uncle Scott. :)

Told Ya So!!!!!

Did we not tell you that the play cube is Addie and Alex's favorite toy?
We have placed the play cube inside their HUGE play yard. It is located in a corner of the sunroom in between the couch and door that goes outside. Yes, they try to mess with the blinds, but we try to raise the blinds so that they can't get into them. We have noticed that Addie and Alex spend 85% of their time over in the play cube area. They crawl in and out of the bottom part, climb up onto the platform, slide down the slide, climb up the slide and much more!!!!!! Alex has even figured out how to take his hammer up there and bang on the cube for hours! Addie has figured out how when she is on the platform and brother is below that she can pull his hair. Overall, they have a great deal of fun and this was a MUST PURCHASE for us!

See, this is how Alex tries to get into the blinds. They can reach everything now!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Addie Walks and the Twins Play

Addie finally let me catch her in a video when she walks. She is starting to get it down pretty well.

Here is a video showing Alex climbing on the play cube and Addie playing.

Lastly, this video shows Addie getting on and off her zebra and riding it on her own.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Favorite Toy

Check out our favorite new toy!
We love to play in our new play cube. Alex climbs up to the top and laughs and bangs on just about everything. Addie loves to climb up the slide... Both like to climb and crawl through the bubble shapes!

Alex says "room in there for me"?


Happy Kids!

Here are some pictures from this morning....
With daddy having to work today, mommy has had time to take pictures and update the blog. Stay tuned for some video of us too....

Alex thinks that he is HOTT STUFF up on the top of the play cube!

Addie just wanted to play with her toys and not mess with the play cube this time!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Exciting News!!!!!!!!

Congratulations!!!!!Thank you very much for all of your thoughts and prayers over the past couple of months. Congratulations to Dale for obtaining a position with WAAY-31 TV in Huntsville.
Tonight is his debut as on air Meteorologist. For those local blog followers, tune into Channel 31 at 5:30 and 10pm. For those of you out of the area, you can check out his weather web cast at:!
Please visit the WAAY-31 Weather blog by clicking on the Storm Force image above and cheer on Doppler Dale as he debuts tonight!
There will be a Sunday night blog post for you to give him a shout out!
In the mean time, you can stay tuned to his personal blog at:
Thanks again for your support!
Here is a letter from Alex and Addie to their Daddy:

Dear Daddy,

We are so very proud of you! Mommy said that we can stay up past our bedtime tonight so that we can see you 2 times on TV. We will miss having you home on the weekends to play with us but we look forward to having lots of playtime during the week! We would say break a leg, but then you could not play with us...... So, good luck!


Addie and Alex

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Part 2

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Sorry for the delay in posting Christmas pictures. Things have been quite hectic since getting back from Christmas vacation.... Please stay tuned for updates...