Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Almost Time for Addie , Alex Adjusts to life at home

Sorry for the delay in the postings. We have been super busy trying to adjust to a new baby at home. Please note that when Addie comes home, there may not be an update everyday. But, we will try our best to keep the blog updated as much as possible with updates and lots of pictures. Alex is adjusting well to being at home. All he pretty much does is sleep and eat. He is eating 70 mL every 4 hours and then sleeping the rest of the time. Due to his schedule, it has been hard to have visitors, but we have tried our best. Below, you will see some pictures of some of Alex's visitors this past weekend.
Addie is still spending time in the NICU. They have found that she has a low red blood cell count. This seems to be the reason why she has been having heart rate drops during her feedings. As of right now, they are just monitoring her count and vitals. At this time, there are no plans for a blood transfusion. Thank goodness! As long as Addie continues to do well, they are planning on sending her home on Thursday. Alex has a pediatrician appointment on Thursday morning, so we would pick up Addie right after that... Right now, Addie is eating between 60-70 mL at each feeding. We have been told that when Addie comes home, our schedule will be even more strict than it is at this time. Addie will need lots of rest once she comes home to try and help increase her energy level and fight to make more red blood cells.

Here is Uncle Mike with Alex. We know that it has been tough
on lots of friends and family to not see the kids while they are/were in the NICU.
We will do our best to schedule visitors....

Great Grandpa came to visit this weekend.
Alex looks really long in this picture.

Great grandma enjoyed holding Alex.

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