Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is daddy's birthday and we presented daddy with a birthday card and a couple of pictures when he came to see us today. Thank you for your assistance, Joanne, in helping us make the card and taking our pictures. Well, we also wanted to give daddy another birthday gift and so we agreed one of us should go home. So Alex got to go home today. I still have a few days left here at the hospital but that is OK, Joanne takes such good care of us, so a few more days won't hurt. Here is a photo of Joanne, our primary nurse, and us.

Since Alex was going home, mommy dressed us both up in our going home outfits so we could have our pictures taken together. We are such a cute duo.

I will miss my brother for the next few days but I will catch up with him soon. I know he will miss me too. Look he is going to kiss me!

He is, he is, kissing me!

Remember this Alex when you want to pick on me in a few years. Remember you were sweet to me.
Before Alex could leave today, though, he had to have a 2D echo gram just like me. They heard a possible murmur today so they just wanted to check him out for sure, like me. Once that was done it was time for him to hit the road. Here he is already to head home.
Alex, enjoy it at home and get my crib ready. I will be home with you soon. Addie

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