Monday, January 7, 2008

Big Day for Mommy and Daddy

Daddy and Alex bonded tonight....... It is neat to see how much weight Alex
has gained over the past couple of days. You can really tell a difference, espeically in his
facial features.

Addie finally decides to take a nap. Again today, Addie was wide awake....

Mommy and Daddy both had a chance to hold both babies at the same time today.
It was great! Of course, when mommy had them, Addie was wide awake and wrestling in the
blankets. Alex slept the whole time mommy had them both. During moms time, Addie had to be placed on her tummy.

WOW! Here is daddy with the twins. Addie is on Daddys right side and Alex
is on Daddys left side.

Today, our primary nurses Joann and Holly are back! We are so glad that the twins
have such great caretakers...... Joann is our primary nurse during the day shift and Holly is our primary nurse on the night shift. They both take care of the twins 3-4 times each week....
Both of them are great with the babies as well as with us. We have learned so much from them!
Alex is still at 50 mL at each feeding and Addie is still at 31 mL a feeding. Today, Alex started bottle feeding at everyother feeding. Therefore, by the end of the day, he will be up to 4 bottles. Yea Alex!!!!!!! Mommy was able to bottle feed both Addie and Alex this afternoon. Addie was a little piggy and would have had more if she could have...... Alex has started making noises during his feedings and it is very funny! We hope that Alex and Addie both continue to take as many bottles as possible as they have to take all of their feedings by bottle before being able to come home. Tonight, we took Alex's carseat to the NICU as he will be doing the "Car Seat Challenge" later this week. This challenge is where Alex will have to sit in his carseat for the amount of time that it will take us to get home from the hospital. During this time, the nurses will monitor him to make sure that he does not have any issues, such as heart rate drops. As long as he passes, he is getting closer to coming home. On Thursday, mommy will have both carseats/bases installed at the hospital.
On Tuesday morning, mommy will attend a class all about preemies. We are also hoping to meet with the occupational therapists later this week to learn more about infant massage for when the babies come home. On Friday morning, mommy will be scrapbooking at the hospital with other NICU moms.
With daddy being on the road this week for work, mommy will do her best to update the blog with lots of pictures and updates!

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