Thursday, March 26, 2009


Now that we are into feeding ourselves, we get QUITE MESSY!
Alex is pretty much a mess maker when it comes to eating. If you put a bib on him, he pulls it off or screams and will not eat. So, granted, we have gone through plenty of SHOUT!
For the first few times that we would try JELLO, he would try it, but would then spit it out and feed it to the dogs. Now, he really likes it. But, it is definitely still a texture thing...

I try very hard to stay clean.
Addie loves to feed herself! She is getting to the point where she will not even eat anything unless you let her feed herself. She uses a fork and puts everything on a fork, even cheerios. For the most part, she does a great job!

Enjoy the videos below of Addie and Alex eating JELLO!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fashion Show for Addie and Alex: Sneak Peek

Happy Sunday!!!!!!!
Whew, I am telling you...... It is so hard to get pictures of Addie and Alex these days.
You set them some where and 1 second later, they are on the run!
Thanks to Micki for these wonderful outfits.....
Mommy and Daddy are thinking that we will wear these for the March of Dimes walk in April.
Thanks Micki!
What do you think of the outfits? If you want to get in touch with Micki, please leave me your email, and I will send it her way. For those visiting from Kelly's Korner, yes, this is the Harper Dress! I hope that you all have a great rest of the weekend.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

Thanks to Miss Sarah, Addie and Alex's babysitter for taking these great pictures. Last week, daddy had to work every afternoon, so Sarah had plenty of time to chase Addie and Alex around..... With it being so nice outside, they were able to go to the park and get some great pictures.

Alex had enough and had to take a little snooze.

With the weather being so nice this past weekend, we tried to get a lot of outside work done. So, we thought that the pack n play could get some more use. We put Addie and Alex in the pack n play with lots of toys/books and thought that they would love being outside. WRONG! Addie has now learned how to climb out of the pack n play! She is our little monkey!
On Friday night, we received tickets to the Spelling Bee Broadway Show.
We had a great time!
This week is another busy week.
Anyone have any ideas as to how to get Addie not to want to eat the grass?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fun at the Park

With the beautiful weather that we have been having, daddy has been spending a lot of time at the park with Addie and Alex. Their babysitter Sarah has also taken them to the park. They love to swing! Yesterday, we all went to the park and I was able to take some pictures. Unfortunately, unless we are both there, they cannot really RUN the park as they are everywhere!
Here are some of the things that they LOVE:
Running in the mulch
swinging in the same swing
going down and up the slides
climbing on timbers
Alex was all about digging in the mulch too

When the kids were smaller, we always wanted to get this picture!
However, when the weather allowed, we had other things to do or could not find a park that had these swings. Now, we have accomplished it! They love swinging in the same swing!
Yesterday, we went to a few nurseries to check out some of the latest flowers. However, it is still to early to plant any as we still could have some days with frost.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can't wait til Friday

Fun Friday Ahead for Addie and Alex
Our family is very excited about this coming Friday.
Our friends from Nashville are coming into town!
We have not seen eachother since this past summer. Boy, Addie and Alex have for sure changed a ton since then and I know that Owen has some new tricks ready to teach them. The last time we were together, he was so excited to teach Addie and Alex how to dance in their highchairs. What will he teach them this time?
Adrienne, Owen's mom and I met through the world of infertility.
We hope that one day we will live close enough for our kids to be able to play all the time.
Learn more about Adrienne and Jim's Journey to Parenthood on their blog at:
Be sure and stay tuned for pictures from our Friday adventure! Between Adrienne and myself I bet that we will have quite a few of them!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun with Kyler

Our friend Kyler came to play when we were couped up in the Embassy Suites. During his visit, we played toys, ate lots of Lucky Charms, and went swimming. Kyler taught Addie how to dance to The Backyardigans and taught Alex how to read books. We can't wait for Kyler to come back and play with us again soon..

Here is one of the many pictures that we have of late of Alex reading! Both Addie and Alex love to read. They are starting to turn the pages in order and are also pointing to images and making sounds. Can't wait for them to see mommy's library of books!

Happy Addie

This picture if for those of you that go back to our NICU days and recall "happy ADDIE"
Yes, this picture was just too cute to not post on the blog.