Friday, June 27, 2008

Addie and Alex Try to Help NICU Babies in Huntsville, Alabama

Addie and Alex Help NICU Babies

Since moving to Huntsville, Alabama, I have tried very hard to get involved with the NICU at Huntsville Hospital. Addie and Alex's stay in the NICU at St. Johns Mercy in St. Louis was such a memorable and moving experience that I wanted to reach out to other NICU babies, parents and staff.

Dale and I as well as our twins, Addelynn and Alexander are asking for your assistance for a very important cause.

As most of you are aware, Addie and Alex were born at 32 weeks. They were considered preemies and needed special interventions and time in the NICU to feed and grow. During their stay in the NICU, not only did they have outstanding neonatologists and nurses, but state of the art equiptment. We feel that by having these necessities, our miracle babies were able to come home with us much quicker, than anticipated! Now, we are wanting to help other babies in the Huntsville, Alabama area have the opportunity to feed and grow using some of the same equiptment that Addie and Alex had available to them.

Three years ago, Amy George, Director of Marketing and Special Projects at Huntsville Hospital delivered twin girls, Ann Catherine and Melissa. Ann Catherine was able to survive, but Melissa is now a special angel in heaven. In Melissa's memory, Amy along with her husband, Chris, have established the Melissa Fund which raises money for the NICU in Huntsville, Alabama. Thanks Amy and Chris for everything that you do to try and give other babies the best chance at life at the most critical point in time! We know that Melissa is looking down appreciating your hard work and dedication in her memory!
The picture above contains various shots of the GIRAFFE OMNIBED. These beds cost over $40,000 each. Huntsville has been able to obtain several of these beds from previous fundraisers. The Swim for Melissa and Miracle Bash this year, hope to raise enough money to purchase a few more of these beds. Wouldn't it be great if other preemies could have this chance at life in one of these state of the art beds? Addie and Alex's fundraiser page can teach you more about the benefits of the Giraffe Omnibed.
There are numerous fundraisers throughout the year. The next fundraiser occurs the second weekened in August, Swim for Melissa and the Miracle Bash. Now that we are in Huntsville, we are ready to help! Addelynn and Alexander are participating in the Swim for Melissa! Since they are only 6 months old, obviously, they are not able to swim. But, we are doing what it takes to still do our part raising money! We have set a family goal of $1000.00. We believe that with dedication and help from our family and friends that this goal is reachable! We have 42 days left to reach our goal and we are well on our way! Can you help other babies have the opportunity that Alex and Addie had during their stay in the NICU? If you feel that you would like to learn more, please visit Addelynn and Alexander's fundraising page at:
A big thank you from Dale, Addelynn, Alexander and myself for your time and consideration! We would apprecite you checking out our page as well as forwarding it on to all of your family and friends!
Love, Dale, Jennifer, Addelynn and Alexander

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're Getting BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we had our 6 month shots with Dr. Kasper, in St. Louis...
We only received shots today as Dr. Kasper is on vacation. But, we will get our check-up later in the month.....
But, here are our weights as of today:
Addelynn: 12 pounds 13 ounces
Alexander: 16 pounds 5 ounces
Mommy hopes to be able to download some pictures tonight. With daddy being out of town again, things can get a little crazy! Please stay tuned for recent pictures!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy 6 Month Birthday Addie and Alex

Addie sees the world for the first time!!!!!!!!!!
Alex takes it easy during his first night in the NICU, December 19th, 2007
Happy 6th Month Birthday Addie and Alex

So hard to believe that 6 months ago tonight, these little miracles were born. Thanks to all of our family and friends for all of their thoughts and prayers. Addelynn and Alexander have made huge strides. Stay tuned for their 6 month check-up statistics coming soon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lots and Lots of Pictures

Daddy has been on a business trip this week! We can't wait for him to come home to see all of our surprises!!!!!!!
Thanks to Allison this week for all of her help with the twins. She has been helping mommy out day and night! Whew! I am not sure who is more tired, mommy or Allison!
Today, we went to Bridgestreet to have lunch with mommy's friend Carmen and her twins and other son, Jake. It was fun!
Here are some pictures from today!
Some ask, does he ever not smile????? Well, yes, he does cry, but most of the time he is a happy baby.
"Little Man"
I only took over 20 pictures trying to get one of them together! This one will have to do. It is getting harder and harder to get them both sitting still.
Allison and Alex! He smiles at anyone and everyone....
Both Addie and Alex love to play on the floor now. They are reaching for toys and moving all over the place. You really have to watch Alex!
Allison and "Little Sister".... Addie loves spending time with Allison. She also is a very good eater for Allison.
I swear that Addelynn looks like Alex in this picture. What do you think?
Are you looking at me?

Mr. Personality, Himself! I had to sqeeze him in this outfit one last time!!!!

Updates from Alabama

Sorry that it has taken me so long to update the pictures on the blog. I have been very busy with daddy being on a business trip. However, thanks to our friend, Allison mommy has been able to have a wonderful extra set of hands! Allison has been helping mommy do lots with the babies. It has been so nice! Stay tuned for pictures from our week!

Old posting.... Visit with Friends In Illinois

Meet our Newest Friend
While we were visiting family in Illinois, we were able visit our friends. Jacob and Andrew are children of Lisa and Brian. Mommy used to babysit Jacob and Andrew when they were babies! Rachel is the new sister of Jacob and Andrew. She is a sweetie! It was so much fun visiting with them. Jacob and Andrew have gotten so big. Mommy remembers Jacob reading "Pop up Farm" and taking him to Build a Bear Work Shop with daddy. Mommy also remembers Andrew as a baby. Rachel will have the greatest big brothers! We will miss them when they move to Canada this summer!!! Maybe Addie and Alex will have a pen pal when they get bigger......
Welcome Home Rachel!!!!!!!

During our visit Rachel was very intrigued by the babies. She was wanting to play with them and their toys. It was soooooo cute! We can't wait to see her next time as we hear she is getting big!

Andrew, Jacob, Addie, Alex and Rachel. Yes, I know, Alex is in Addie's carseat. Sorry...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Go Cardinals!!!!!!!!

Go Cardinals!!!!!!!!!

Even though we are in Alabama, we watch all of the St. Louis Cardinals games. While we were in St. Louis visiting grandma and grandpa, they bought Addie and Alex the cutest Cardinal outfits! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Requesting Your Assistance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Friends and Family,
Mommy and daddy have done a wonderful job keeping this blog up and running for all of our friends and family. We know that we will enjoy reading and looking at this blog when we grow up. Mommy and daddy have told us that they are going to make a hardback book of this blog later this month. The book will contain the blog entries from December-June. Don't worry, they will still keep up with the blog after that. But, the books will be a storybook of our first 6 months of life! Please do us a favor and leave a comment in this post. We know that when we learn to read, that we will enjoy hearing what you have to say about us!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are looking forward to growing big and tall and being able to read them all...........Thank You!

Lots of Love,
Addelynn and Alexander

If you would like to leave a comment for Addie and Alex here is what you do:
1) Click Comment on the bottom right corner of this blog entry
2) There will be an open box for you to type your comment
3) Follow the directions as to how to post the comment from your computer.


On Saturday evening, we arrived home in Alabama. It is good to be home after spending a week in Florida and 2 weeks in St. Louis! We will be very busy this week trying to get back into the swing of things. However, we will do our best to keep the blog updated! Don't forget, I still have lots of pictures to post later this week... Stay tuned!
Guess The Weight of Addie and Alex Polling Answers:
Thanks to all of our friends and family that took the time to vote on our first blog poll.
There were a total of 14 people that voted on Addie's poll and 13 people that voted on Alex's poll. Here are the results!!
How much does Addie weigh as of June 1, 2008:
12 pounds 3 ounces: 2 votes
11 pounds 4 ounces: 6 votes
14 pounds 3 ounces: 3 votes
10 pounds 14 ounces: 3 votes
How much does Alex weigh as of June 1, 2008:
17 pounds 2 ounces: 3 votes
13 pounds 8 ounces: 4 votes
15 pounds 6 ounces: 5 votes
14 pounds: 1 vote
Thanks again to everyone for your votes! We appreciate everyone that takes the time to check out our blog... Please stay tuned for another poll coming later this week!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Addie and Alex Go Swimming!!!!!!!!!

Alex and Addie's First Swim
Thursday, June 5, 2008
Addie and Alex have been near a pool before in Florida. However, today was their first time getting in the water. We have had such warm weather that the water was warm enough for them. We did not hassle with getting them all decked out for this occasion, but hope to swim in our swimsuits in July. Tonight, they just wore their swim diapers and a onesie! Daddy took both of them in the water as mommy was the picture taker!
We were not quite sure how they would do as they have different attitudes towards the bath. But, both Addie and Alex seemed to like the water. Addie was more alert as Alex had just woke up from a nap. I know.. I know... It seems like that is all that kid ever does. But, he can be playing one minute, and sucking his thumb/sleeping the next! Thanks to grandma and grandpa for allowing us to use their pool! I think that we will leave our swim diapers here so that we can swim again, next time!

Addie and Daddy in the swimming pool!
Addie tries to decide if she wants to hold onto the noodle! We will have to bring our floats the next time.
Daddy and Alex in the swimming pool! Hmmm, let me think!
Grandma helps dry Addie off after getting out of the pool....

Addie and Alex spend time with Old Grandma and Friends

While daddy went for his follow up appointment, Addie and Alex spent time with old grandma and her friends. Betty and Ruthann have been neighbors of old grandma for years. When mommy was little, she used to like to visit with them too. Now, Addie and Alex have had the opportunity to be spoiled yet again! Both Betty and Ruthann love to stay updated about Addie and Alex and love to spend time with them!
I am sure that you will ask, where is Alex? He was being a good boy, taking a nap! Miss "Always Awake" stayed up for the party!
Betty holds Addie today! It was a very hot outside today! So, we were able to wear these cool outfits.
Ruthann's youngest grandchild lives far away. So, whenever she can get her hands on Addie/Alex, she has a blast! She was able to get Addie to take a nap in the rocker..

Addie and Alex have Fun at Grandma and Grandpas House

Do you believe me now? I took so many pictures!!!!!!!!!!!
Addie and Alex had a great time spending time with friends and family. It was nice to get away. We are so glad that daddy feels much better after having sinus surgery. We look forward to next week when he can pick us up and play on the floor with us...
While at Grandma and Grandpa's we were spoiled. Grandpa bought us these new matching outfits!
Do you still think that we look alike?
What a cutie!
Alex and Addie have been fighting over this rattle. They both love it! Thanks to our friends for this great toy!
Happy Addie, herself! Grandpa spent lots of time making her laugh!
Alex is getting so strong! We are so proud of how well he is doing supporting his head/neck while laying on his tummy!
Alex has fun on the playmat. On Thursday night, June 5th, he really started grabbing for toys. Yea Alex!
Mr. Personality is always ready for the camera!
Addie is rolling over now! She is also able to show us her muscle strength by reaching for her toes...

Family Pictures

Was there ever a night that we were in town that grandma and grandpa's house did not have lots of visitors. I cannot even count all of the people that came to visit during our two week stay in St. Louis. Addie and Alex have their own fan club!
Four Generation Photo!
Pictured: Mommy, Grandpa, Great Grandpa and Alex
Great Grandpa holds Alex!
Whew! Thank goodness someone was able to help with Crabby Addie tonight! Margie helped put Addie to sleep for a little nap. Addie always eats well for Margie too...
Cousin Kami with Mr. Alexander
Great Aunt Gerry had a great time spending time with Dakota! Old grandma and aunt Jerry had to come over on Friday as they were out and about when the storms came through!
Cousin Kami spent a lot of time with the twins while they were in town. Kami normally loves to hold "ADDIE". But, since Addie was sleeping, she settled for Alex....
Do these 3 boys look alike, or what? I have been asked many times since Alex has been home to get this picture! From left to right, Alex's Great Uncle Scott, Alex, and, Uncle Mike. Everyone seems to think that these three show a lot of resemblane! What do you think?

Visit with Oma, Aunt Sabrina, and Cousin Cayla

Mommy had a hard time keeping up with not only Addie and Alex, but also Cayla...
Before daddy had his surgery, we met up with Oma, Aunt Sabrina, Cousin Cayla, and Uncle Manfred for dinner. We met at one of mommy and daddy's favorite places, Carlos O'Kelly's. This was kind of a rough visit for all of us as Addie and Alex were kind of fussy. They can have a fussy period in the evening, which makes it hard to even take them out and about. But, we made it through. It was great for Addie and Alex to finally meet their Aunt Sabrina and Cousin Cayla!

Aunt Sabrina with Addie and Alex. For those of you that may not know, Sabrina is daddy's sister!
Daddy with his neice, Cayla.... She is a big girl!

Oma enjoyed spending time with Addie and Alex while we were in town.
Are you done yet?????????
Cayla says, "nice to meet you, cousin Alex"
Whew! It was easy to get these two in the same high chair, but I was not sure how in the world we would get them out!!!!!!!!!!
Aunt Sabrina with Addie and Cayla...