Sunday, January 27, 2008

Doing Great!

Mommy has been in a lot of trouble for not taking many pictures
of Daddy with the twins. I will start trying harder...... Here is daddy with Alex and Addie after their Sunday morning bottle. I am sure that you can tell which one is Alex and which one is Addie, even though they are both dressed in yellow....

Baby it's cold outside!!!!!!!!!! On Saturday afternoon,
Addie and Alex stayed warm in front of the fireplace.
Just kidding........ Of course, mommy and daddy did not have the vent on.
We just used the flames for the photo! Again, I should not have to tell you which one is which.....

Mommy spends time with Alex and Addie......
Addie and Alex are enjoying being at home. There is not much new to report, but I wanted to be sure and post some new pictures. Today, Alex enjoyed swinging in his swing and Addie enjoyed having some tummy time. Saturday night was another good night for both of them. They seem to have their best stretch of sleep after the midnight and 4am feeding.

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