Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Update

Happy Monday! Today has been a great day.....
Daddy went back to work today, but was still a big help just being home!
Here are some pictures from today. Enjoy! I would say more, but really everything is the same..... No news is good news, right?

Addie is getting to be a big girl. Today, she spent some time
with the boppy pillow. Believe me, she is not really as big as she looks in
this photo.

Alex tried out the rainforest bouncer today. He loved it!
Again, he gets upset when the music turns off. This seat plays music,
has a waterfall and vibrates. I think that we found something that puts him to sleep....

Addie had a good day today with no episodes!!!!!!! Yea Addie.....
Daddy was able to spend some time with Addie this evening.

Here's TWIN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Addie and Alex love laying next to eachother in the crib.
At one point, they were making noise back and forth and reaching for eachother. It is so cute to just imagine what they are thinking....

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