Friday, August 29, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Go Lancers!!!!!!!
On Friday night, Addie and Alex attended the first Belleville East football game of the season. Mommy and daddy have gone to high school football with grandma and grandpa for years. Uncle Mike used to play football for Belleville East! Last year, mommy went to every single Belleville East game even being pregnant.
Tonight was a lot of fun for all of us! Thanks to Christina for the adorable outfits. They were a huge hit. When we arrived at the game, we were surprised that we were able to enter for FREE! Twins do get you a few discounts, these days. Addie and Alex were very good at the game. We all took turns passing them around. During Half Time, the twins visited with the cheerleaders. Daddy had commented during the game that the twins were very calm tonight and said that they could have remembered the sounds/cheering from last year, in the womb.
Tonights score: Belleville East: 7 and Mt. Vernon: 6 (overtime)
When we get back to Huntsville, we hope to follow High School football. But, Addie and Alex will always show loyalty to their Lancer Team!

Alex before the football game. His little outfit is so cute. I think that it will fit him in a few years.
Addie and Alex say, "We're ready for some football".
Do you like my dress? Christina did an amazing job on this dress. It is reversible so that she can wear it several times. Thanks again Christina!
Addie and Alex had a great time during Half Time! They visited with the Lancer cheerleaders!
I don't know who was passed around more, Addie or Alex. Alex was very content being passed around and Addie smiled at everyone that held her!


Jill and Cliff said...

I love their outfits they are soooo cute. They looked like they were have a great time.

Kimmie said...

They look like quite the football fans! Hope you enjoy all the games back home too!

Carrie said...

They are so cute! Their outfits are precious too!

High school football is big in'll have lots to follow :o)