Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alex's Breaking News: Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Alex's Breaking News
Story Reported at: 6pm
Reporter: Jennifer (Mommy)

Through the house what busy joy,Just because the infant boyHas a tiny tooth to show!I have got a double row,All as white, and all as small;Yet no one cares for mine at all.He can say but half a word,Yet that single sound's preferredTo all the words that I can sayIn the longest summer day.He cannot walk, yet if he putWith mimic motion out his foot,As if he thought he were advancing,It's prized more than my best dancing.
WOW! Mommy and daddy have been wondering why Alex has been a little fussy. Well, tonight, I happened to feel Alex's gums and felt something sharp. His first tooth is giving him trouble... Poor Guy!

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The Titsworth Family said...

yay alex! now the tooth fun begins!