Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our 6th Trip to Grandma and Grandpa's since May
Well, we packed the kids up when daddy got home from work Tuesday. We drove stright through to grandma and grandpa's house. With making four stops along the way, we arrived in just over 7 hours. Grandma and Grandpa waited up for us. Addie and Alex played for about an hour and then went to bed....
On Wednesday morning, we work up and our busy day was off to a great start! Mommy took Addie and Alex to visit old grandma while daddy was working at Starbucks. Old grandma had a good time visiting with the twins. She is improving everyday. As you know, old grandma had surgery a few weeks ago and is making small steps everday! At lunch time, we went to visit Grandma's work. Then, we spent time at a few appointments in the afternoon. Wednesday night, we grocery shopped for old grandma and had mexican with grandma and grandpa. No Owen, we did not dance in our high chairs. We are waiting for you to teach us, next time :)
Here are some pictures from our very busy day, Wednesday!
Please keep OLD GRANDMA in your thoughts and prayers!
Mr. Personality, himself!
We love to play at Old grandma's house!
Old Grandma kisses Addie. During our visit, old grandma wanted to hold Addie. So, tomorrow, she will get to hold Alex. We are taking small steps!
Old Grandma and Addie!
Addie had a great time stealing all the toys from Alex.
We have not had a nap today, I am tired, mommy.....
What about me???????


Adrienne and Jim said...

I'm sorry Owen couldn't be there to teach the twins some dance moves, but he has loved looking at Addie and Alex's pictures while they've been away! The pictures with Old Grandma are absolutely precious. I can see how much she adores them. Please let her know I am praying for her! Big hugs to your little ones!

Adrienne, Jim, and Owen

ktrip said...

Very cute!

Jill said...

They are just precious and I know Grandma and Great Grandma just loved spending time with them. Hopefully, Nathan and Nicholas can come over and play when you all get back to town.