Sunday, August 3, 2008

Friday August First Blog Entry: Busy Day at Grandma and Grandpa's House

Busy Day Pictures
Friday August 1, 2008

I was trying to capture an on all fours picture, but this one was too cute to pass up!
Addie and Alex enjoyed having their friend Noah over to play today! He is such a handsome boy. Between rolling on top of Alex, body slamming Addie and pulling out Dakota's hair bow, it was an adventure! All three kidos were great at dinner!
Daddy and the twins!
Whew! This shot wore me out! Trying to get a shot where all 3 of them were looking and sitting still was a never ending job. I tried my best!
Alex and Noah on our playdate!

Here is a video of Alex with Noah! Noah is a friend of Addie and Alex's. His mommy, Dana and I have been friends since before kindergarten! It is always fun to see him when we come home!

Here are some things that we did on Friday:

1) Old Grandma came to visit this morning while daddy went for a haircut and run errands.

2) Noah came to visit this afternoon. He is a friend of Addie and Alex. Can you believe that he was born in January and has already had 2 haircuts! He is such a cutie! He loves to flirt with Addie!

3) Mommy, Daddy, Addie and Alex went out to dinner with Noah and his mommy and daddy. of course, you guessed it! MEXICAN DINNER!


Adrienne and Jim said...

Looks like you're all having a great time! I loved hearing Alex laughing at the doggie :) So precious! The picture of Addie "hiding" her tooth from you is adorable.

I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow and praying for a good day.


Dana said...

Noah had a good time palying with you guys. Sorry if the dog is missing a patch of hair...LOL