Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Addie and Alex turned 8 months old yesterday, August 19th, 2008. It is so hard to believe how fast time flies!!!!!!!!!! Here are some pictures from today! Alex has been very fussy as he is still working on that tooth. I hope that he gets to feeling better soon. Last night, he spent over an hour in the swing as it was the only thing that would make him happy!
I was working around the house and when I went to check on the kids, here is what I saw. I hurried to get my camera! At one point, Alex was trying to crawl on top of Addie.....
Addie is really starting to get around!
Both Addie and Alex love moving about the hardwood floors! She is trying to always figure out how to get to the nightlights!
Alex has learned to sit up from laying on his tummy! He surprised me today! Yea Alex!
Are you looking at me, mommy?

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