Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Many the Milestones

Sorry for the delay in posting. As you know, daddy spent 6 days in Alaska. So, we kept mommy very busy! Now that daddy is back, mommy has some time to update the blog..... We wait til daddy got back from his trip to reach some of these milestones. See what we have been up to!
Addelynn: Well, I am what my mommy would say, "A Mess, with a capial M". I am up to just about anything these days. Now that I am moving about, I am hard to catch. But, here, try and catch me, now!
Tuesday August 19th: 8 month birthday
Thursday August 21st: Today, I really starting blowing rasperries and bubbles! I love to do it right after I have had a bottle.
Sunday August 24th: My daddy came home from Alaska yesterday.He did not bring me any presents. But, I was full of presents for him. I really started to crawl today and I am EVERYWHERE now! Alex was ahead of me for a few days, but I am catching up.
While we were at lunch today, daddy took me to change my diaper. While he was doing that, I let out an dadadadadadadadadadadada. Yes, it is not just dada yet, but still, it is the "d sound".
Monday August 25th: I now have 2 teeth. They are both on the bottom...

Well, as I have been a few days ahead of my sister, there is not really much for me to report. However, I can tell you that I will not let Addie get ahead of me for long! Not only am I moving all about the floor. I am able to go from my tummy to a sitting position. Yes, many times, I fall back and hit my head, but I am getting stronger. I have also started to hold my own bottle, at times. Please stay tuned as I will have something new to report, very soon :)

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RAU FAMILY said...

Wow, all of those milestones happen so quickly huh?!! That's neat. I bet it's nice to have Dale home now. Greg was gone for two days and I have said to myself...."How does Jen deal with this 24/7?!" (I know...You just do :) )