Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today was a very busy day!
We went to the NICU at St. John's Mercy where Addie and Alex spent a great deal of time after they were born. Alex spent 4 weeks and Addie spent 5 weeks. Dr. Klesh, the neonatologist that was present at the birth of Addelynn and Alexander came in on his day off to see the twins. Thanks Dr. Klesh! We visited him, Joann (our primary nurse) and Amy (mommy's friend from Antepartum). Then, we went to visit Dr. Jewell. Busy morning!
Mommy and daddy were able to tour the new NICU. WOW! What an amazing experience. When the NICU remodeling is complete. There will be room for 98 babies to have their own private room. The new NICU was very bright and relaxing! There was not nearly the noise that there used to be and things just seemed much more calm.
It is so hard to believe how attached you can become with NICU staff and what bonds you can form. I truly hope to get involved with the NICU someway in the near future!

Dear Amy,
Since we know you read the blog everyday, we are so sorry that we did not get a picture with you! Just wait, we will be back to visit in October and will have to do that then :)
Thanks for holding us today!
Addie and Alex

NICU follow up Appointment:
St. John's has a wonderful NICU follow up program. Today, Addie and Alex went for their 6 month follow up. We were seen by a NICU nurse, neonatologist, Dr. Dryer and also two physical therapists.
Addie and Alex are doing remarkably well. At the evaluation, they are compared to their adjusted age which is (6 months). Everyone seemed very pleased with their growth and accomplishments. We are already looking forward to their next follow up appointment!
What a great way for parents to stay up to speed with how their preemies are progressing!

Tonight, mommy and daddy took us to Toys R Us. Addie and I got to pick out a new toy! We have been very good the past 2 days and mommy and daddy are very proud of the results of our testing. Addie wanted a goldfish aquarium and I wanted blocks, but we agreed on a Farmyard shape sorter. Since I was a big boy sitting in the cart, I also got a STL Cardinals hat. When I visit Grandma and Grandpa, I always look at uncle Mike's hats. So, mommy and daddy bought me one today! Sorry Addie, but they did not have your size....... Addie did get a shirt though to wear tomorrow night to the football game. So, nobody was left out!
Joann and Dr. Klesh spend time with Addie and Alex. Words cannot explain how we felt to be able to meet with Joann and Dr. Klesh today. We have seen Joann several times since leaving the NICU. But, Dr. Klesh is always so busy that we don't have time to catch up. Today, Joann loved on the twins and then took mommy and daddy on a tour of the new NICU! Job well done! Thanks to all of the people that have donated their time, effort and money to creating a new state of the art NICU in St. Louis. I can't wait to see it in its final stages! We hope to see Joann and Dr. Klesh at the 1st birthday party in Decmber! Thanks to both of you for all your hardwork!

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