Friday, August 22, 2008

Nashville Zoo Trip

Addie and Alex: 1st Trip to the Zoo
Saturday, August 16, 2008
Well, who would have ever guess that our kids would have not visited the St. Louis, MO Zoo first? As mommy and daddy both grew up witht the St. Louis Zoo, less than thirty minutes away, you would have thought that Addelynn and Alexander would have gone there first! However, their first Zoo experience was more than special! Last Saturday, we met some friends of ours in Nashville for the weekend! On Friday night, we had a mexican dinner with Mr. Jim, Miss Adrienne, and adorable Owen! For those of you that do not know, Adrienne and Jim our friends of ours. Owen is their son that was adopted a little over a year ago from Russia! He is adorable! We got such a kick out of him.... I could talk for hours about how special this family is. They are an amazing family that hopefully very soon will be blessed with another baby! Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!
On Saturday, mommy and daddy bought a family membership to the Zoo. This membership will allow us to get into 170 different zoo's and attractions for FREE! Unlike the St. Louis Zoo, the Nashville Zoo costs $13 to get in. When I was told that, I was like, ok, well, what do you get for that price. They said, "that is our admission price". So, if we go to the Zoo two times in a year, we have gotten our money out of it! Mr. Jim, Ms. Adrienne and Owen met us at the zoo for a fun filled morning. We arrived before it was too crowded and hot! It was nice to be able to walk through the shaded Zoo with no crowd. The animals were all very active.
Here our some pictures from our field trip! I honestly don't know who takes more pictures, mommy or Ms. Adrienne!
Addie and Alex ride in their new stroller! We are finally getting the hang of it...
We are wide awake and ready for the ride!
Owen's favorite animal was the monkey! You should have seen his monkey backpack that he brought to the Zoo. How cute! The Nashville Zoo is just the right size. You can hear the monkeys just about anywhere in the Zoo. Due to them being outdoors, you get a true feeling of their life and noise that they make.

Thanks Mr. Jim, Ms. Adrienne and Owen for a wonderful weekend in Nashville! It was so much fun getting to know you better! We are looking forward to the next time that we can meet up. How old do you think Owen is? I will give you this, he still gets in for the price of an infant, but not without an argument!
Look Here! Imagine that, did you ever guess who would not be sitting in the stroller?
Yes, you are correct... Addie had a hard time staying in the stroller.
Just chilling!
Just relaxing!

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