Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Night: Nashville Trip

Last weekend, we spent time with our friends, in Nashville. Since we arrived later in the afternoon, we decided that it would be best to just go to dinner. So, Mr. Jim, Ms. Adrienne and their little boy, Owen invited us to a Mexican Restaurant. Imagine that! How did they know that Mexican is our favorite?
You will see lots of pictures in the next post of this special family. Dinner was great! However, we are learning how hard it is to talk to even one another, yet another family. Not saying that Addie and Alex are loud or nor well behaved, but they just get antsy.... Owen was dying to teach Addie and Alex how to dance in the high chair. I hope that in a few months when they are sitting well in the high chairs that he will still want to be a good teacher! He is just so cute!
Thanks Ms. Adrienne for these special pictures!

On Saturday, we went to the Zoo and then, had a great time at Jim and Adrienne's house!
It was so much fun getting to know them more. We had a great time watching Owen in his own environment. That kid is incredible! He loads the dishwasher, walks the dog and even helps with laundry.....Adrienne and Jim are in the process of adopting another baby. Therefore, they still have a great stock/supply of baby things! Addie and Alex had lots to choose from. But, Sunday morning Owen was the first to put it all away...... Please pray for them in their adoption process!

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