Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun with Mommy and Daddy

Sorry for the delay in blog postings..... We have had a very busy week!
Here is what we have done this week:
Monday: Old Grandma had surgery. She did very well. We can't wait to see her now that she is at home.
Tuesday: Addie and Alex went to see Dr. Kasper, their pediatrician in St. Louis. This appointment was for their 6th month check up. He is very pleased with their growth. We will visit him again in December!
Addelynn: 13 pounds 14 ounces and Alexander: 16 pounds 7
Wednesday: We visited with some of our twin friends at Alicia's house. Pictures from this fun time will be posted in another blog post! We also went to the school where mommy taught when she was pregnant. The teachers were so glad to get to see Addie and Alex. Then, we went and had dinner at the Lahey House. Eileen is a teacher that I have become very good friends with. Eileen with her husband, Terry, had us over for dinner. It was so nice to have Chinese food as it is not the same down in Huntsville. Thanks for a great dinner!
Thursday: My kids were so tired today!!!!!!!!! We stayed home all day only running out to get diapers.... You would have thought after buying all those diapers a few weeks ago, we would have enough :) But, I did not pack enough! Sorry kids......
The pictures below are from the Family Reunion that we attended on Sunday. There will be another blog post regarding the Family reunion, but considering that I took over 80 pictures, I needed to post these seperately :) Enjoy

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