Thursday, August 7, 2008

Family Reunion 2008

Family Reunion: Bloomsdale, Missouri
For years now, my grandma's side of the family has hosted a family reunion on the first Sunday of August. Addelynn is named after her great grandma Adelee. Her middle name also comes from daddy's Oma, Elisabeth. Both of these family members passed away before our wedding. At the family reunion we were able to see grandma's brothers and sisters and lots of their families. Grandma had 11 brothers and sisters. There were 7 girls in the family and 5 boys. Some days, twins are a challenge. I can't imagine what it would be like to have 12 children in the same house. Here are some pictures from the reunion. Addelynn and Alexander were the hit of the day!

Addie was here for the "REAL PARTY" today. She loves parties!
No, grandpa did not give her a drink of PEPSI..... :)

Mommy, Addie and Grandma's Sister, Aunt Dot...

Here is Aunt Dot, Grandma's sister....
Addelynn and Alexander are not the only twins in our family......

Grandma Adelee's brothers and sisters.... There are 8 of them still alive today. However, the sister that lives in Arizona was unable to attend.

Great Grandpa feeds Addie and puts Alex to sleep.....Both kids were so tired on the way home. They are used to being around lots of people, but I think that the extra stimulation made them a little tired.....

Grandma holds Alex! He was a tired boy by the end of the day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Addie and Alex,
It was so nice meeting you in person at the Family reunion Sunday.I felt as if I knew you after keeping up with your progress on the Blog. Your mommy and daddy do such a great job with the photos and the dialogue.
Stay as sweet as you are. I will be watching you!!!
Your Great Aunt Dot