Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Addie and Alex: Take Your Twins to Work Week

Road Trip for Addie and Alex
What a fun time we had this past week. On our way back from St. Louis, mommy and daddy decided that since daddy had to leave for a week that we could travel with daddy on his business trip. Mommy and daddy took us to Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky! Then, since we were really good all week, we were able to spend the weekend in Nashville, TN to play with our friend Owen. While daddy worked and had meetings, we played in the hotel room with mommy! We went for lots of walks and played lots of toys! Thanks daddy for allowing us to come to work with you!
Enjoy these pictures from our trip! Be sure to stay tuned for our Nashville Weekend pictures, coming soon!
Alex and Addie are ready to rock and roll! Yes, Alex, we see your toes! I think that Addie is starting to be the little picture taker!
Are we ready to go down to the lobby for dinner? We were able to really use the new stroller this week! It will take awhile to get used to!
Adorable Addie! She has really become vocal over the past 2 weeks. I am trying very hard to get a video of her new "GROWLING NOISE".
Alex can almost sit up by himself now! Go Alex!
This little guy cannot keep shoes on as his feet are always working their way to his mouth!
What a smile, Addie!

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