Thursday, May 15, 2008

Week of May 12th Pictures and Updates

Lots of exciting news to report this week!!!!!!
Monday: Very scary day for mommy... She was locked in Alex's room and could not get out for over 10 minutes. The door knob jammed! When we get back from vacation, we are going to relace all the door knobs! This will not happen again! Also, we had to take Addie to the peditrician today. When she woke up from a nap this morning, her hands, feet, and arms/legs were blue!!!!!!! But, I knew that she was ok when I saw that her head and face were still warm and pink. Dr. Patz seems to think that she may have experienced "Blue Stocking Syndrome". This is very common in preemies with their circulatory and central nervous systems being so immature! She is doing just fine now!
Tuesday: Not much to report!
Wednesday: Daddy was sick today. His sinuses are killing him! He was home from work today with a high fever and not feeling well. Tonight, both Addie and Alex had a big bath in the new bath tub. Our bathtub is so big that they will think that it is a swimming pool when they get bigger. Both of them loved the bath!
Thursday: When we went to wake Alex this morning, he was on his belly!!!!!!!!!!!Alex has finally learned to roll over multiple times. Yea Alex! This morning, we went to Daddy's work to visit, but the babies were kind of crabby, so we did not stay long. Today, we have to help mommy get ready for the trip to the beach!

Thursday, May 15th: Alex has learned to roll over all by himself!

Hi, my name is not "Little Sister" in this picture, "I am happy Addie"!

Hi Addie!

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