Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Cinco De Mayo

On Cinco de Mayo, Addie and Alex picked up daddy for lunch. We went to one of our new favorite mexican restaurants, Casa Blanca. Mommy and daddy figured that it would be better to go for lunch as it would be packed for dinner. We received the below pictures from our twin friends, Jake and Drew on Cinco de Mayo. They live in Baltimore, MD. Mommy is friends with their mommy Kimmie. Jake and Drew have been very nice to Addie and Alex. They have sent us lots of goodies including our new music CD, Twin Spin!

Are they cute, or what? I love the hats!

Cinco de Mayo was warm in Baltimore, so Kimmie took Jake and Drew to the park.
They are big boys, but not big enough yet for their own swing. Therefore, they shared the swing!

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