Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day 2008

Happy Mothers Day from Addie and Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today was a great first Mothers Day for mommy. This morning, we went to church and went out to lunch. We did not get as much time today to just relax as we are still busy adjusting to the new house and trying to get unpacked. We went to Sams today to get some groceries. Taking them out today was not as much fun as normal cause it was SUPER WINDY!!!!!!!!! The temperature here in Huntsville today was in the low 70s and very WINDY! This afternoon we went over to our friends Bob and Donna's house to visit. Their daughter, Allison loved spending time with the twins, especially "Little Sister". We look forward to having Allison over this summer to help out with the twins!

Mr. Alex had to get all geared up for the big day! I swear, his clothes are getting too small. This shirt is 3-6 months and is already getting too tight!

Allison and Addie enjoy time together. Addie was very interested in the baseball game!

Addie loved Allison holding her. If Allison put her down, she got fussy. Allison was even able to get Addie to take a whole 5 1/2 ounce bottle....

Nope, Mr. Alex was not forgotten about! They are always the center of attention.....

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