Friday, May 16, 2008

Our First Mini Vacation

Well, sorry that there are no pictures from today! As many of you are well aware, we are spending the weekend and some of next week on the beach. I will get pictures posted as soon as I find a minute to take some. Today was CRAZY! Here is how things went... Tomorrow we hope that the weather is nicer and that we can spend some time out at the kiddie pool and walking the beach. Addie and Alex brought their own sun tent to use on the beach. However, we will be very careful in the sun as they are so little still! Then, in the afternoon, we are visiting an outlet mall and Lamberts Restaurant, "Home of the throwed Rolls". I will be sure to get lots of pictures!
The kids are sleeping for the night. This week, I will also get a picture of their little cribs. They are so cute!
Have a great weekend and look for more pictures to come soon!!!!!!!!

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