Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Taste of Cereal

Our First Taste of Cereal: Oatmeal with Banannas
Mother's Day 2008
Its so hard to believe that the time has finally come for Alex and Addie to start eating food. This was a lot of fun for both mommy and daddy. I was not sure how they would do, but we gave it a shot on Sunday night. Both Alex and Addie seemed to like the oatmeal. Both of them were unsure at first. It was fun watching the different faces that they made! More pictures and videos to come of this fun event!

Addie's First Taste of Cereal: Mothers Day 2008

Alex's First Taste of Cereal: Mothers Day 2008

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Anonymous said...

Alex looks EXACTLY like you Jenn! It's crazy, I can't see hardly any of Dale in him at all! Addie looks a little bit like him, but still a lot like you! Poor Dale!

You can definitely tell they are siblings but they look so different too! And absolutely 100%adorable!!!