Friday, May 9, 2008

1st Visit to Huntsville Botanical Gardens: Wednesday May 7th, 2008

Wednesday was a very busy day for all of us! Not only did Alex and Addie attend their first Little Gym class. But, we also met our first set of twins in Huntsville. Mommy's friend Jennifer invited us to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful day! So, Addie and Alex went to the gardens with mommy, Jennifer, and her twins, Grant and Finn. The boys are adorable! They will be four very soon! We had a great time eating lunch with them at the gardens and touring the new butterfly house. There is so much to do at the gardens that we will have to go back again soon! It was a very warm and sunny day and we could only stay a few hours cause Addie was getting a little sunburn. Thanks to Jennifer, Grant and Finn for inviting us for a wonderful time at the Gardens. We can't wait to get together again soon!!!!!! Stay tuned for lots of pictures from todays adventure!

Alex loves to have his whole fist in his mouth. He has become quite the thumb sucker too.
I think that he has discovered his tounge this week as he is now blowing bubbles and making lots of noises...

Here is little sister, "Addie". She was getting quite pink by the end of our day!

Told you so! He is a thumb sucker!

As "Old Grandma", great grandma would say.... Here is the train!

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