Friday, May 9, 2008

New Twin friends Sam and Eli

When mommy and daddy were still living in St. Louis, mommy joined the Huntsville Mothers of Multipes Group....
I have made many nice friends through this group. Earlier this week, we went to Gardens with Jennifer, Grant and Finn. Today, we had another twin outing! As you can see Addie and Alex are staying very busy, so is mommy!
Today, we met mommy's friend Carmen and her twins, Eli and Sam. They are cuties!!!!! Sam and Eli are turning one this weekend. They are too funny! Sam and Eli were sleeping when Addie and Alex arrived. So, Carmen fed Addie and I fed Alex. When the boys woke up from their nap, they were shocked to see two babies, Addie and Alex in their house. They looked Alex over from head to toe. We went to the new outdoor mall here in Huntsville. At the mall, we enjoyed an outdoor lunch at a mexican restaurant and also did some browsing! Carmen and I talked about how people just stare at you when you are with twins. Most people say "Are they twins"? "Boy, do you have your handsfull". While at lunch today, someone asked Carmen and I if we were sisters! Oh boy! I guess you have seen it all and heard it all!!!!!!
We are looking forward to a BBQ at Sam and Eli's house in June.


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