Thursday, May 15, 2008

Videos of Alex and Addie Eating Cereal

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the pictures of Addie and Alex having their first cereal.
For the first time, they both did very good. However, we tried it again last night and Addie was definitely NOT LIKING it. The only way that I could get her to stop crying was giving her some juice. We will try again tonight!
On the other hand, last night, Alex could not get enough to eat. I swear that he would have eaten the bowl if I would have let him! Alex has gotten the hang of even opening his mouth when he is ready for more.

Alex loves cereal! He was not so sure about it at first, but
he now has the hang of it!

Little sister was not so sure about the cereal! But, she did take a few bites.....She was so cute though in her highchair! She loves sitting in there and looks so big in the chair! I am impressed with how well she can hold her head up. She's getting to be a big girl!

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