Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Few More Pictures from Beach Bum Photography

Pensacola Beach Pictures
Taken By: Beach Bum Photography
Oh my goodness! Yesterday, we received a CD with all of our beach pictures. There were so many pictures that I had a hard time deciding which ones to post. But, I tried my best to show a variety. Pictures on the beach was a lot of fun! Addie and Alex cooperated and enjoyed being out next to the water.
By this time, Addie and Alex were getting a little tired. But, we tried our best!

Daddy loves his kids~
Mommy loves her kids~
Little Sister steals the show with this picture!
Am I cute or what?????????????????
Alex was such a happy boy today!
This boy is always looking for food. "Not sand, Alex"
Mommy and Daddy realized that it is not the easiest to find time to get pictures anymore. However, we were able to find a nice couple on the beach to watch Addie and Alex in the stroller while we shot a few pictures~


Krista said...

Hi Jennifer,
It's Krista from BASSC. Thanks for stopping by Henry's blog! Your mom showed me the twins' blog on Friday. They are too cute! I really like the beach photos! You must be so proud of how Addie and Alex have just flourished since leaving the hospital. I know your mom is so happy you're all home for a while. I told her if it would help she could see Henry anytime when she's missing her babies :)
Take care!

Amy mcLean said...

I check into your blog often, but can never get my message to post. I can't believe how big those two have gotten. they have changed soooo much. Everyone looks wonderful, what two little blessings you have. Take care and stay in touch.

Amy from St. John's

Daddy Dale and Mommy Jen said...

Sand, No sand they are the two cutest babies i have ever met!!!
especially my mini mike!
<3 cas

Carrie said...

Pensacola Beach is my favorite beach on planet Earth!!! I've been going there my entire life!

The pictures are AMAZING!!!