Friday, May 30, 2008

Daddy/Blog Update

As most of you know, Daddy had sinus surgery on Tuesday. His sinueses had been giving him trouble for 4 years!!!! He is recovering well. Daddy says that he feels much better than even before the surgery. So, that is a good thing :) We can't wait til daddy is able to lift us and play with us again. Right now, he has to be very careful. Mommy can't wait either :) Thanks to grandma and grandpa for all their help with taking care of us while we are here. We will be here for another week before heading back to Huntsville.
Mommy spent a lot of time this week updating this blog for us. Please leave comments so that we can read them when we grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Addelynn and Alexander

1 comment:

Susie said...

Get well soon Daddy-O! Those babies and the momma need you!
As for the twins, you two couldn't be cuter if you tried. Man--you are some twins!

P.S. Be extra nice to mommy-she doing double duty right now!