Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Smiles

Today was a very busy day for us! We started of the morning by picking up the house a bit. Saturday and Sunday always tend to be pick up day as we are so busy during the week. Then, we went to 3 different Post Office's this morning for mommy to ship out some packages. Guess What? Not only is Regions Bank closed on Saturday down here in Huntsville. But, 2 of our local Post Office's are closed on Saturday and the one that is opened does not open til 10am. Well, back in St. Louis, we were used to having all of our errands run by 9am! That just proves, they do things a lot different down here. I am dying to know how working people get their errands done during the week when the banks and post offices are not open on Saturday!
Addie and Alex spent the afternoon playing! This afternoon, we set up a play date with our friends for this evening. You will see more pics of that in the next post. But, here are some pictures before our night out on the town! Enjoy!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for these adorable outfits. They are both still a little big, but they will fit them into the Fall.
Ok, can you not tell that this little girl is a MESS? Addie was not wanting her picture taken tonight. But, daddy was able to get this little grin.
I'm sleepy mommy, but I still like to cuddle!
We are ready to go!
Alex was trying to show you his new shoes!
Mr. Personality himself!
Awww..... Little sister, herself!

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Carrie said...

so cute!!! I love that they match all the time!