Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feeding Time

To all that have been asking for pictures, including grandma, here are a few from this week! With daddy being home this week, we are back on track! Addie and Alex are getting food now twice a day. They both normally have a fruit in the morning and a vegetable at night. Addelynn loves rice mixed with fruit, and she sometimes has that instead. Alex hates the rice, oatmeal or cereal! With having two of them to feed and so much else to do, I don't force him to eat it! Our pediatrician has told us that unless someone has twins, they should not question how you are parenting or feeding :) He can say that as he himself has twins too......Addie and Alex have got the routine down pat. Alex especially knows that when you put him in the high chair with a bib that he is going to get food. They both love to sit in their highchairs and play table toys too!!!!!!

There is no way that they will keep bibs clean anymore!
Addie has just eaten a whole bowl of rice with fruit and some sweet potatoes~
Hi Mom, I am still hungry!
Sorry Bradyn, baby food is not for dogs!
Dakota wants a bite!


The Titsworth Family said...

Aww the kiddos are so cute! I'm glad you posted pics of the furbabies too. Very adorable!

Stacy D said...

Hi Jen,

Those pictures are too cute!

Our ultrasound was good. No real changes. Isaac had his head down the whole time, so no good facial shots. They took a cute 3-D one of his legs and feet though. And, we learned that he has a head full of hair! I really wanted him to have hair :)

For the life of me I can't find your e-mail address anywhere, so I will leave you mine...


If you e-mail me I can send you my address. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness in putting togethera package for us :)

~ Stacy

Heather said...

Jen- your twins are absolutely adorable! I admire and respect you so much for not only having two babies, but also being in a new place having to adjust!!
It was so nice to "meet you" today!
OH- and I say "amen!" to not taking any parenting criticism when you have twins, for goodness' sake!!! (I really say "amen!" to any of it- mommies know best! No mommy guilt!!!)